Hill: The Fara
Date: 28th January 2006
Company: Myself and Beinn

A brief report of Beinn's first Corbett, ascended in January 2006. This was the first time I used a digital camera on the hills.

We followed the standard route up the hill. This was a good introduction to hillwalking for Beinn who was only 6-months old at the time.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

There was quite a bit of clag during the walk so I didn't take many photos, except of Beinn.

Beinn beside a clag-covered Loch Ericht:



At the time of this ascent, the large cairn was thought to be the summit. Recent surveys, with accurate GPS, have now moved the summit a short distance away from the cairn.

Beinn at the large cairn near the summit of the Fara:

Beinn again:

and again:

and again:

The ascent and descent were made via the nice wide firebreak shown in the next photo.

Looking back up the firebreak ascending The Fara:

Wouldn't mind this house (or the one further along Loch Ericht).

Nice house alongside Loch Ericht:

Beinn showed-off his liking for water from an early age.

Beinn having a swim in Loch Ericht:

Looking back at the Fara:

A nice short walk up one of the highest Corbetts.