Hills: Quinag: Spidean Coinich, Sail Gorm and Sail Gharbh
Date: 10 May 2006
Weather: Beautiful sunshine all day
Company: Just me
Time: 6 hours 15 minutes

One of the best hills in Scotland, on a perfect day!

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Started walking from the small car park at the side of the A894 (NC233273) at 6:30am on what promised to be a really hot day. Got a fantastic view of the hill from the outset.

View of Quinag from Car Park:

Crossed the bridge over the Allt Sgiathaig and followed the path up the broad flank of Spidean Coinich. Made quick progress up the hill, as the hill is composed of a pavement of sloping quartzite slabs.

Looking towards the summit of Spidean Coinich during the ascent:

During the ascent of Spidean Coinich there are fantastic views of Suilven.

Suilven from Spidean Coinich:

Looking up Spidean Coinich during ascent:

Before reaching the summit of Spidean Coinich there is a minor top with a subsequent drop of 30m before ascending easy ground, up more quartzite "pavement", next to impressive cliffs.

Quartzite pavement:

Looking down summit cliffs of Spidean Coinich:

View from summit of Spidean Coinich:

Almost immediately after leaving the summit of Spidean Coinich there is the first slightly-exposed section of ridge involving the odd bit of easy scrambling.

Looking along ridge of Quinag from Spidean Coinich:

On reaching the bealach between Spidean Coinich and the un-named top (713m) there is a small lochan. The ascent of the 713m top is up a very easy grassy slope.

View of 713m top from bealach:

After a short descent to Bealach a'Chornaidh there is another un-named top ahead (745m). The path makes its way easily through the rocky tiers.

View of 745m top from Bealach a'Chornaidh:

At the top of the 745m top, you need to decide whether you want to tackle Sail Gharbh or Sail Ghorm first. I opted for Sail Ghorm.

View towards Sail Gharbh from 745m top:

View towards Sail Ghorm from 745m top:

Shortly after leaving the 745m top there is a nice rock feature, that I am sure I have seen used in a Poster somwhere with someone standing on it?

Rock feature:

The next section of ridge, towards Sail Ghorm, has a rocky top that can be 'easily' bypassed on the right-hand side -'easily' but exposed.

Rocky top with by-pass path:

On reaching the far-end of the by-pass path there is a short section of scrambling.

Looking towards final section of ridge leading to Sail Ghorm:

The final ascent to Sail Ghorm is straight-forward with great views out to sea and a number of small islands.

View from summit of Sail Ghorm (776m):

Looking back along the ridge, just tackled, from Sail Ghorm:

To do the third Corbett, I re-traced my steps back along the ridge until just before the 745m top. I then continued out along the ridge towards the highest summit of Quinag, Sail Gharbh.

Looking along ridge leading out to Sail Gharbh:

As the summit of Sail Gharbh is approached there is a very distinctive change in rock type and colour (from red to grey)

Change of rock type towards summit of Sail Gharbh:

At the summit of Sail Gharbh there is a trig point.

View from summit of Sail Gharbh:

View from summit of Sail Gharbh:

To get back to the car park, I descended back towards the 745m top but this time skirted round this top on the left to reach Bealach a'Chornaidh. From this bealach there is an easy descent back to the car park. Lochan Bealach Cornaidh is passed on the way down.

View of Lochan Bealach Cornaidh with Spidean Coinich in background: