Hills: Sgurr na Ba Glaise, Rois-Bheinn and An Stac
Date: 14 May 2007
Company: Just me
Time: c. 7.5 - 8 hours

From Lochailort, I walked downhill along a road leading to the bridge across the River Ailort. After crossing the bridge I followed a good track round past Glenshian Lodge and then onto a faint track which skirted round the small hill Tom Odhar. Continued along this faint track until having the good fortune of finding a land-rover track not marked on the OS map. Stuck to this land-rover track until after crossing the Allt a' Bhuiridh where I left the track to make a pathless easy ascent up grassy slopes, marked on the map as Meall Damh, to the top of Beinn Coire nan Gall (787m). Descended 40m from Beinn Coire nan Gall to a bealach with a small lochan before ascending Druim Fiaclach (869m).

Looking towards Sgurr na Ba Glaise, Rois-Bheinn and An Stac from the Druim Fiaclach ridge:

Followed this really-enjoyable easy ridge for several kilometres, first descending to Bealach an Fhalasig Dhuibh before ascending and descending several minor tops along An t-Slat bheinn.

Looking from An t-Slat bheinn to the first Corbett, Sgurr na Ba Glaise:

Then ascended to the summit of Sgurr na Ba Glaise (874m).

View towards Eigg and Rhum from summit of Sgurr na Ba Glaise:

Rois-Bheinn from summit of Sgurr na Ba Glaise:

After a quick sandwich, I descended to Bealach an Fhiona (701m).


Then followed the dry-stane dyke to the summit of Rois-Bheinn (882m). From the summit of Rois-Bheinn I continued to follow the dry-stane dyke for a further 700m to reach the Western top (878m). Would recommend doing the Western top to get the best views of the coast.

View from Western top of Rois-Bheinn:

After another bite to eat, I doubled-back re-ascending the main summit of Rois-Bheinn and then back to just before Bealach an Fhiona.

An Stac from Bealach an Fhiona:

Followed the dry-stane dyke to the bealach between Bealach an Fhiona and An Stac, where I was surprised to get pelted by a short showers of hailstones. I then began the ascent of An Stac, skirting round crags where necessary, eventually reaching the small summit cairn.

Summit of An Stac:

Descended Northwards from An Stac. The descent was interesting, having to find a route through many rocky outcrops.

Looking back on descent from An Stac:

On reaching the bealach between An Stac and Seann Chruach, I changed direction descending Eastwards to meet the landrover track alongside the Allt a' Bhuiridh. Followed this track to eventually cover ground that I had been on earlier in the day back to Lochailort.

Good Tip
Don't park in the Lochailort Hotel car park. On parking my car there at 6.30am the car park was empty and there was no-one around to ask permission to park there. I did check. When I got back there was an abusive note stuck to my windscreen and scratches on my wing and bonnet where the owner leaned across my car to stick on the note. New car just bought week before!
The car park was also empty when I got back so it wasn't as though I was taking up a vital space.