Hills: Glas Maol and Creag Leacach
Date: Saturday 24th January 2009
Company: Myself and Neil
Time: 4hrs 45mins

Having spent the night at Muir Cottage, we set off nice and early, in part to escape the snoring. Just before sunrise we arrived at the Glen Shee Car Park which was in the process of being cleared of snow by the snow ploughs. We were the first arrivals of the day.

An early start:

Being first on the hill had both advantages and disadvantages. Good in that we had the hills to ourselves but not so good in that we (mainly Neil) had to break trail the whole way.

Looking across to The Cairnwell:

In just under half-an-hour of walking we were above the ski huts on Glas Maol and were making good progress.

Above the Ski Huts on Glas Maol:

After an hour from the Car park we were approaching the final ascent to the summit.


Approaching the summit plateau of Glas Maol:

Snowy landscape:

The summit trig point was well-plastered in rime.

Very frosty Trig Point at Glas Maol summit:

The next hill was my main objective of the day. Despite having been up Glas Maol seven times previously, I had only been up Creag Leacach once before. No real need for navigation, just follow the wall to the summit of Creag Leacach. From the wide ridge we could see loads of hillwalkers. Three or four behind us on Glas Maol and around 15-20 in various stages of ascending Creag Leacach.

Looking across to Creag Leacach from the start of the fence/wall:

Good views into Tayside:

Some good cornices were building up on Creag Leacach.

Cornices on Creag Leacach:

Looking back to Glas Maol from Creag Leacach:

After just over two and a half hours from starting we were approaching the summit of our second Munro Creag Leacach.

Neil approaching the summit of Creag Leacach:

Summit of Creag Leacach:

While having a break at the summit we began to meet some of the walkers that were doing our circuit in reverse. We continued on to the South-West top of Creag Leacach, descended to the col between the SW top and Meall Gorm and then onto the A93. On the way down we realised that it would have made more sense to leave one of our cars at each end. However, the 2.5km walk back along the A93 wasn't too bad and we were back at our cars in plenty of time to get back to Muir Cottage to peel tatties for a superb Burns Supper.