Hills: Corserine, Millfire, Milldown, Meikle Millyea
Date: Sunday 26th April 2009
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 5Hrs 10Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

Having failed to get up Queensberry on Saturday owing to being chased off the hill by thunder and lightning, and being charged at by a crazed cow, I set off nice and early on Sunday arriving at the Forrest Estate car park at just after 7.00am.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Forrest Estate:

The various forest tracks are well sign-posted with many of the tracks having “street names” named after people. I decided on an anti-clockwise circuit and therefore set off along the track sign-posted for “Fore Bush”.

Track towards Fore Bush:

A few hundred metres after Fore Bush the first of a number of “Hillwalkers: Stile over Deer Fence” signs can be found. It is definitely worth following these signs as they lead you to a stile over a small fence and a gate and lead you to the start of a faint track that can be followed pretty-much all the way to the summit of Corserine.

Follow the ‘Hillwalker stile’ signs:

The ascent of Polmaddy Gairy is gentle at first with a short steeper section around 600m.

Looking back to forest from lower slopes of Polmaddy Gairy:

Polmaddy Gairy:

The final stretch to the summit of Corserine is fairly flat. Thankfully we found the summit trig point without difficulty given we were wandering along in low-cloud.

Summit of Corserine:

From the summit of Corserine we descended SSE along the grassy ridge towards Millfire. I was surprised to find a well-built stone shelter on the way to Millfire (much larger than the small cairn to be found at the summit of Corserine)

Dry-stane shelter en-route to Millfire:

We continued along the ridge to eventually reach Millfire and then on to the two Donalds – Milldown and Meikle Millyea.

Summit of Millfire:

Start of dry-stane dyke en-route to Milldown:

Summit of Milldown:

As we approached Meikle Millyea we got our first views of the day as the clouds began to disperse.

Lochans of Auchniebut:

Summit cairn and trig point of Meikle Millyea:

From Meikle Millyea, we descended to Meikle Lump and down to the start of the track leading back to the Forrest Estate car park.

Looking down to Meikle Lump:

View back to Meikle Millyea:

View back to Milldown and Millfire:

View back to Corserine:

Start of track leading back to Burnhead and Forrest Estate car park:

Dungeon Loch:

The final four kilometres back out to the car were nice and easy along good track.