Hills: Lowther Hill, Green Lowther
Date: Monday 27th April 2009
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 2Hrs 10Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

Parked beside the NATS radar station garages just above Wanlockhead. Nice easy walk along a tarmac road from start to summit and back. The tarmac road passes round Stake hill and Whiteside before starting up Lowther hill and onto Green Lowther. Not much else to say other than the various communications towers and radars were interesting to see.

Green Lowther from near starting point (zoomed):

Lochan at NS889132:

Looking towards the first mast on Lowther hill:

First mast on Lowther hill:

Radar at summit of Lowther hill:

Masts between Lowther hill and Green Lowther:

Comms mast at summit of Green Lowther:

Trig point at summit of Green Lowther:

Comms station sign on Green Lowther:

Looking back to Green Lowther:

Looking back to Lowther hill: