Hill: Meall a’Ghiubhais
Date: Friday 12th June 2009
Company: Just me
Time: 3hrs 50mins
Dog friendly: Yes

Parked at the Nature Trail car park alongside Loch Maree. From the car park, I went through the underpass and took the left “Mountain trail” path. The mountain trail is an excellent well-constructed path. However, what is with all the cairns???

Woodland (So that’s what a group of trees is called) :

Views across to Slioch and Gleann Bianasdail are good during the ascent. More legwork needed though before views of Torridon and Flowerdale hills appear.

View across to Gleann Bianasdail:

Steep Path (Stating the obvious?)

Loch Maree and Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

Loch Maree and Slioch:

Tansley Bog (What bog?):

Geology (In Torridon? You don’t say!):

Beinn Airigh Charr, Meall Mheinnidh, Beinn Lair and Slioch:

Hairy crawly thing (Surprisingly with no sign stuck to it):

Trumpet Rock (Couldn’t hear it. Glad. Don’t like brass anyway):

305m (That’ll be 1000ft?):

Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

Heather (So that’s what it’s called):

460m (1500ft?):

Looking back to Slioch and Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

Ath nan Ceann:


Have to admit that despite the mountain trail making the ascent easier, I was glad to eventually leave it along with the ‘mountaineering for numpties’ marked cairns.

Meall a’Ghiubhais:

Loch Allt an Daraich:

I couldn’t help but admire Beinn Eighe during the ascent. It is an incredible mountain. I really need to get round to doing it again. After passing Loch Allt an Daraich the ascent is very straight-forward. Most of the stones can be avoided via lines of moss/heather.

Beinn Eighe across Loch Allt an Daraich:

Ruadh-stac Beag:

Loch Maree:

Beinn a’Chearcaill and Beinn an Eoin:

Approaching summit of Meall a’Ghiubhais:

Beinn Eighe and Ruadh-stac Beag:

Beinn Eighe:

Beinn Dearg:

The ascent of this hill is well worth the effort as the views from the summit are outstanding. Not many hills in Torridon allow an ascent to the summit without having to put hand to rock.