Hills: Meall Bhuidhe and Sron a’Choire Chnapanaich
Date: Saturday 11th July 2009
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 4hrs 40mins
Weather: Far too hot
Dog friendly: Yes (except for Cattle grid at end of walk)

I set off yesterday with the intention of ascending a couple of Grahams in Glen Isla. On approaching Mount Blair the weather looked so good I decided to carry on driving to ascend two of my nearest unclimbed Corbetts instead. On reaching Pitlochry, I stopped to buy another copy of OS Map 51 (as I hadn’t taken that map with me) and then continued on to the far end of Glen Lyon parking near Pubil.

Loch Lyon dam:

Loch Lyon dam from ascent of Meall Phubaill:

After walking 1km along the landrover track alongside Loch Lyon, I decided to abandon the path and head uphill.

Looking down steep grassy slopes:

Loch Lyon:

We reached a gate at the top of Meall Phubaill which I managed to get Beinn through, after untying a couple of ropes.

Gate near top of Meall Phubaill (710m):

The walk from Meall Phubaill to the 796m top was quite straight-forward.

Loch Lyon from 796m top:

From the 796m top we descended to the col at NN435441 and then proceeded directly to the summit of Meall Bhuidhe.

Meall Bhuidhe:

Beinn at summit of Meall Bhuidhe:

The views from the summit of Meall Bhuidhe were fantastic. This is a hill that rivals Leum Uilleum and Beinn a’Chrulaiste for views.

Summit of Meall Bhuidhe:

A distant Loch an Daimh and Sron a’Choire Chnapanaich:

From the summit of Meall Bhuidhe we descended NNW to the 870m top and then followed the line of fenceposts towards the two lochans. Beinn had a quick swim in one of them to cool down.

Sron a’Choire Chnapanaich:

On looking down towards Feith Thalain, I could see extensive peat hags. I decided to try to avoid the hags by ascending due East to the Feith Thalainn at NN445450. This descent was seriously steep.

Sron a’Choire Chnapanaich:

Looking back at very steep descent:

The ascent of Sron a’Choire Chnapanaich was gruelling. Under normal circumstances it would be quite easy, however, I had ran out of water about an hour previous and the sun was very strong. Beinn was really struggling too. We eventually reached the summit of Sron a’Choire Chnapanaich.

Beinn at summit of Sron a’Choire Chnapanaich:

Stuc an Lochain:

Loch an Daimh:

After a one-minute stop we carried on down Creag Doire nan Nathrach and to the Allt Phubuill where Beinn was able to get a good drink. We followed the Allt Phubuill reaching a good track and small dam. We followed the track back down to Pubil.