Hill: Knock Hill
Date: Saturday 8th August 2009
Company: Myself & Becky
Distance: 2km
Ascent: 230m

I set off early this morning to ascend a wee hill that I have not been up previously, despite it being only 10 minutes from home. My two year-old Becky was keen to come with me to ascend her second Marilyn. We parked at NJ547554, just past Swilebog.

Knock Hill from Ordiquhill:

The first few hundred metres of the walk is through a nice small wood containing a mix of trees including a number of Rowan trees. Was nice to walk slowly stopping to look at various butterflies, dragonflies and other beasties.

In the woods:

After clearing the wood, the path up the hill is quite obvious.

Looking up Knock Hill:

Looking back:

Ascent track:

We stopped plenty of times during the ascent to admire the views.

A distant Bennachie (zoomed):

Banffshire countryside (towards Aberchirder/Turriff):

Banffshire countryside (towards Portsoy):

Having a wee rest:

It took us an hour to reach the summit. Had I been on my own I would estimate it would take around 20-25 minutes. We spent around 15 minutes at the summit before heading back down.

Summit trig point:

Summit cairn (Ben Rinnes in background):

At the summit there is a trig point, a large cairn and a smaller cairn with a block on top stating "Martin Cairn". Not sure of the history behind this.

Martin Cairn:

Photo with dad:

Tap O'Noth (zoomed):

I re-ascended Knock Hill with Beinn on 2nd March 2010, at night.

Hill: Knock Hill
Date: Tuesday 2nd March 2010
Company: Myself & Beinn
Distance: 2km
Ascent: 230m
Time: 1Hr 15Mins

Parked just past Swilebog again and set off walking at 18:40.

Beinn in the headlights:

Knock Hill from near start:

Knock Hill from near start

Trudging up through snow in the dark wasn't fun. We were able to follow broken trail for a couple of hundred metres, but the trail-breakers must have then given up and turned back!

Trudging through the snow:

The further up we got the less deep the snow.

Ascending Knock Hill:

We reached the summit 40 minutes after setting off.

Summit trig point:

Large summit cairn:

Martin's Cairn:

Distant Keith (shaky hands):

Distant Keith (resting camera on trig point):

The stars were plentiful but all efforts to photograph them resulted in black photos.
Also saw something orbiting the earth (I assume a satellite).