Hills: Meallan nan Uan and Sgurr a'Mhuilinn
Date: Friday 2nd October 2009
Company: Just me
Time: 5Hrs 30Mins

Parked at Strathanmore, where there is room for several cars in a grass parking area beside two Strathconon Estate walking/stalking signs.

Meallan nan Uan and Sgurr a'Mhuilinn from road:

I followed the fence round the small wood before heading uphill towards Creag Ruadh.

Creag Ruadh from Strathanmore:

Looking across road to Meall Guibhais:

Last Friday, on setting off walking, the temperature was 15C. Today it was only 5C. The going throughout the day was very wet underfoot.

Looking back to car parking:

The ascent of Crag Ruadh was straight-forward apart from being wet and muddy in the lower slopes.

Ascending Creag Ruadh:

Looking across to Sgurr a'Mhuilinn:

The views down Strathconon were terrific.

River Meig and Loch Meig from spur before reaching Creag Ruadh:

View down to Inverchoran and Strathfarrar hills:

On reaching Creag Ruadh, I followed the ridge first to the 740m top and then on to the summit of Meallan nan Uan.

Looking towards Meallan nan Uan from Creag Ruadh:

Looking towards Meallan nan Uan:

Meallan nan Uan:

Summit of Meallan nan Uan:

I didn’t hang around long at the summit as I knew the forecast was due to worsen throughout the day. So it was a case of crack-on!

Looking across to Sgurr a'Mhuilinn from summit of Meallan nan Uan:

The initial descent from the summit of Meallan nan Uan is a bit rocky.

Descent from summit of Meallan nan Uan:

 then headed for the knoll Carnan Fuar, skirting Loch Coire a’Mhuilinn.

Loch Coire a'Mhuilinn:

Loch Coire a'Mhuilinn:

From Carnan Fuar it was a simple grassy ascent to Sgurr a'Mhuilinn.

Looking towards summit of Sgurr a'Mhuilinn:

Summit of Sgurr a'Mhuilinn:

My map indicated that there was a trig point at the summit. There is only the remnants of the base remaining.

Remnants of trig point:

The initial descent from Sgurr a'Mhuilinn was quite steep, followed by a flat expanse of peat hags.

Peat hags of Sgurr a'Mhuilinn:

I crossed a fair number of the hags before crossing the Allt an Srathain Mhoir and descending via the same muddy mess that I ascended earlier in the day.

Sgurr a'Mhuilinn:

Got back to the car dry. Five minutes later the rain started. Nice couple of Corbetts. Meallan nan Uan is definitely the finer one.