Hill: Meikle Balloch Hill
Date: Friday 20th November 2009
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1 Hr
Dog friendly: Yes

On the way home from Glen Roy on Friday, I decided to nip up a short easy Marilyn near Keith. From the A96 in Keith, I turned off towards Dunnyduff and drove to the road end at Wester Herricks where there is a small car park. From previously looking at the map for this hill I was expecting to have to follow a landrover track South for a couple of kilometres before heading back North up the hill. I found there is now a direct track through the trees towards the summit. We set off initially following the wide track and then turned off at a junction marked by a green post (with blue line).

Balloch Forest track from car park:

Track through the trees (with marker post):

The direct path towards the summit is of varying quality. Parts of the path have been surfaced, other parts are still under construction.

Unsurfaced path:

Surfaced path:

After clearing the trees the surfaced path ended, next to another marker post. From this point to the summit was a bit wet underfoot.

Looking towards summit of Meikle Balloch Hill:

Was pleasantly surprised after clearing the trees to see a number of surrounding hills including Ben Rinnes, Tap O'Noth, Knock Hill, Bin of Cullen, Fourman Hill, Buck O'Cabrach, etc. The path to the summit has a few large cairns along the way.

Ben Rinnes:


Track towards summit:

Tap O'Noth:

Knock Hill from summit trig point:

Distant Bin of Cullen:

Distant Buck O'Cabrach:

It was starting to get dark as we made our descent back to the car. We returned by the same route.

Newmill village:

I re-ascended this hill with my daughter Becky on 31st July 2010. Becky's report follows:

Hill: Meikle Balloch Hill
Company: Becky, Dad and Beinn
Date: Saturday 31st July 2010

Today I asked my dad if we could go up a hill. We went up a hill while my mum went to Tescos in Keith. This was my ninth hill and I managed it all myself. My dad helped me with this story and pictures.

New sign at start of walk:

Giving Beinn a cuddle:

Trying to catch Beinn:

End of good path, start of muddy puddles:


Ben Rinnes:

Myself at summit cairn:

Myself, Beinn and my Knock Hill:

Trig point:

Hills I saw from the top >>>

My Knock Hill:

Bin of Cullen:

Ben Rinnes:

The Buck:

Tap O'Noth:

I liked this hill but there were lots of wasps.