Hill: Hill of Foudland
Date: Tuesday 29th December 2009
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1Hr 40Mins

I wasn’t planning to go up a hill today, however, the excuse that ‘the dog needs a walk’ is a good one for getting up a close-to-home Marilyn. I turned off the A96 at Colpy but then decided to save myself a few kilometres by taking the 4x4 up a small road, and then a land-rover track, as far as 624337. I parked just off the track before the turn-off to Upper Scotstown farm.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Parking area and distant Bennachie:

As I was getting ready to start walking, I heard a noise that sounded like a motorbike and was surprised to find that it was. Someone was driving it down the hill in the snow. This turned out to be quite useful as I followed the track made by the bike up the initial part of the hill.

Following the motorbike track up the hill:

During the ascent, it was good to look across to the Hill of Tillymorgan, which I ascended just over a week ago.

Looking across to Hill of Tillymorgan and Hill of Skares:

Gartly moor windfarm:

View towards transmitters at 461m top:


As I approached the transmitters, views were appearing and disappearing in freezing fog.


The walk from the transmitters to the summit trig point was really difficult. I had to break trail to the trig point as existing steps ended at the transmitters. The snow was knee-deep all the way. This was hard work for me but even more so for Beinn.

Approaching the summit trig point in fog:

Beinn attempting to run through the deep stuff:

Was great to reach the trig point and then use my own steps on the way back. The views during the descent were even better than during the ascent.

View back towards Hill of Foudland during descent:

View across to Hill of Tillymorgan and Hill of Skares:

Bennachie above Upper Scotstown farm (zoomed):

The drive back down the track was fun too.

Drive back down land-rover track:

I re-did this hill with Becky and Beinn on 23 October 2010.
Looks quite different without all the snow.
Becky's account of the walk follows .

Hill: Hill of Foudland
Date: Saturday 23rd October 2010
Company: Myself, Dad and Beinn

Daddy helped me with this story.

I asked daddy if we could go up a hill. We went up this one.
We walked up grass passed some sheep and then went through a gate onto a track.

Myself near the start:

I asked for a photo with the windmills .

I like windmills:

Hill of Tillymorgan - still to do this one:

I can't see :


It was windy and cold at the top. The towers were big.

Looking up high:

I splashed in lots of puddles on the way to the top.

Walking along to the top:

My 10th hill:


North Aberdeenshire:

On the way back my foot got stuck and I fell in the mud .

I saw rainbows on the way down. I like rainbows .

I see a rainbow:


I walked up and down all by myself .