Hill: Burgiehill
Date: Monday 4th January 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn

At the start of this year, I was keen to get out to ascend a small hill before going back to work.
I decided to take the 4x4 out to see how it would cope in the snow.
Carole and Becky came with me for the drive but not for the hill .

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken


I managed to get the car just off the road at the start of the walk.

Beinn on the road at start of walk:

Seriously deep snow:

The snow was at least knee-deep the whole way. I broke trail with Beinn following behind me.

Beinn following in my footsteps:

Track through forest:

Normally Beinn is really fast on the hill. The snow was a bit too deep for him though on this walk.

Beinn struggling to keep up:

The walk was thankfully a short one and we did both make it to the summit.

Beinn at the summit trig point.

Mast near summit:

Masts near summit:

The return to the car was a bit easier as we could use the in-bound trail.

On getting back to the car we stopped round the corner at the Califer viewpoint before heading home.

View from Califer viewpoint:

Becky and Carole at Califer viewpoint:

Findhorn from Califer viewpoint:

Hill: Burgiehill
Date: Saturday 8th October 2011
Company: Myself, Carole, Becky and Beinn

I re-did Burgiehill today with Carole, Becky and Beinn. Becky's 17th Marilyn.

A few photos from walk - definitely easier without deep snow.