Hill: Beinn Bheula
Date: Saturday 20th February 2010
Company: Myself, Jim, Ian, Beinn
Dog friendly: Yes

We parked in a lay-by at Lettermay. We opted to ascend via the Creag Sgiolte route as it would likely be simpler for Beinn and less steep. We followed a very good track for 2 miles until reaching the point where the track changes direction and a firebreak starts through the forest.


Beinn Lochain:

Beinn Bheula above forest:

The firebreak was 'interesting'. At least a mile long, traversing diagonally uphill and thankfully mainly frozen underfoot. Parts of the track would be very muddy if not frozen.

Within the firebreak:

Crossing the burn near the end of the firebreak using ice-covered stepping stones was a bit interesting. I was worried that Beinn would get wet and cold but he managed across more easily than myself.

Burn from outflow of Lochan nan Cnaimh:

Not long after the burn we exited the forest just below Lochan nan Cnaimh.

Creag Sgoilte:

Next we ascended to the col between Creag Sgoilte and Cnoc na Tricriche before ascending the grassy slopes of Creah Sgoilte.

Frozen Lochan nan Cnaimh:

Grassy ascent of Creag Sgoilte:

Just below the crags of Creag Sgoilte we come across the wreckage of a plane. Apparently the remains of a Grumman Martlet which crashed in 1940. 

Plane wreckage:

More plane wreckage:

Frozen Lochan nan Cnaimh:

The crags of Creag Sgoilte were easily avoidable by sticking to the left.

Crags of Creag Sgoilte:

On reaching the top of Creag Sgoilte we continued on to the summit of Beinn Bheula.

Ridge to Beinn Bheula:

Beinn at summit of Beinn Bheula:

Looking back from summit of Beinn Bheula to Creag Sgoilte:

Jim and Ian approaching summit:

We initially started to descend to the North but I soon decided that I would rather head back the way I ascended. Taking a large dog, that is excitable in snow, down a steep snow gully isn't within my tolerance for "acceptable risk". Ian and Jim also opted to head back the way we came.