Hill: Cairn-mon-earn
Date: Saturday 13th March 2010
Company: Myself, Becky and Beinn
Time: 2Hrs 10Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

I wasn't expecting to get out to play today, having been away last weekend and out on the hills on Wednesday during the week. Becky had however recently suggested, on several occasions, that she would like to go up a BIG hill. How could I refuse! I knew that Cairn-mon-earn had a reasonable track all the way from the start to the summit, but could it be described as BIG? Possibly so, if you are 3.

After throwing a few things in the car, including Beinn, we set off along various country roads to get to the start - getting stuck behind at least 12 tractors en-route. The starting point for this hill is at Durris (on the Slug Road between Banchory and Stonehaven).

Starting point (NO780909):

The track up the hill is ideal for little uns. Would also be ideal for cycling if you are into that sort of thing.

Becky on track:

Top of Cairn-mon-earn in distance above trees:

Becky having a cold seat:

As far as NO790919 everything was well. Nice easy track and nice easy gradient. The track beyond that was still covered in snow.

My gloves are falling off!:

Becky continued to make reasonable progress but was soon getting tired. It was very much a mix of walking on top of the snow for one step and falling through it with the next.

Hard work!:

After a couple of hundred metres it was up into dad's arms for the final kilometre to the summit.

Waiting patiently:

The first summit transmitter comes into sight:

Another NE Marilyn transmitter picture:

Looking across to Durris TV transmitter:

Aberdeen (zoomed):

Beinn at top of large summit cairn:

Becky at summit trig point:

View from summit:

I also had to carry Becky for the first kilometre back during the descent. Really hard work carrying 14kg in your arms for 2km through six inches of snow ... but worth it for the company.