Hill: Hightown Hill (between Dumfries and Lockerbie)
Date: Thursday 22nd April 2010
Company: Just me
Time: Just under 30 Minutes

I had to drive down to South of Bradford on Thursday, in order to sit an exam, and drive back on Friday – 18 hours in a car. I knew I wouldn’t have time to ascend any significant hills on the way there but had a look at maps before setting off to see if there were any “smash and grab” hills en-route. I found two hills that looked do-able – the first we would reach at lunch time (and looked achievable within 30 minutes), the second we would reach late afternoon (and which also looked achievable within 30 minutes). Hightown hill is located near Lochmaben, about half-way between Dumfries and Lockerbie. To ascend this hill, I parked beside the farm at Hightown (room for one or two cars). After going through the gate, I followed the track before taking to the grassy hillside to reach the summit just ten minutes after setting off (I did jog most of the way).

Hightown Hill from Hightown:

Hightown Hill:

Looking back to Hightown:

View during ascent:

Looking back to Hightown:

On reaching the summit, I opted to also head for the 249m top – just in case it is actually higher than the summit (just 1m difference on the map).

Summit of Hightown Hill (250m):

Looking across to 249m top:

There is an electric fence between the tops but thankfully it was not live.

Dyke/fence at col between summit and 249m top:

Looking back to summit of Hightown Hill from 249m top:

View from 249m top:

From the 249 m top, I descended back to the col and then skirted round the 250m hill to return to the car.

Being watched:

We then continued on our way South with a lovely drive along the edge of the Lake District and then through the Yorkshire dales. A few hours later, after passing Skipton and Keighley, we headed for Riddlesden and then up the Ilkley Road as far as the end at Whetstone gate. Only a few miles away from Bradford.

Hill: Rombald’s Moor [Ilkley Moor] (near Leeds / Bradford)
Date: Thursday 22nd April 2010
Company: Just me
Time: 30 Minutes

It would be difficult to describe this walk as a ‘hillwalk’ as the car park at Whetstone gate is only 22m below the summit. The summit is however about 1 mile distant from the car park following a dry-stane dyke most of the way.

Car park at end of Ilkley road at Whetstone gate:

Ilkley Moor sign:

In the distance to the NE I could see what looked like numerous radars.

RAF Menwith Hill:

En-route to thimble stones:

The path to the summit has sections that are very good – nicely paved. In other parts it is bog.

Paved path:

View from path:

The most interesting feature of the walk was the ‘thimble stones’. Very sandy, rough boulders – I assume gritstone.

Approaching thimble stones:

Thimble stones:

Thimble stones:

Didn’t take long to reach the summit of Rombald’s Moor [Ilkley Moor].

Approaching summit of Rombald’s Moor:

View from summit:

View from summit:

I returned to the car via the same route. An enjoyable albeit very short and easy walk and the first hill I have ever ascended in England.