Crag: Logiehead (nr. Cullen)
Date: 25th April 2010
Company: Myself, Bob, Malcolm & Kasia

Four club members attended an unofficial, informal meet to Logiehead, near Cullen.
Several climbs and abseils were undertaken.

A selection of photos below from the day out.

Night fever, night fever. We know how to do it.":

Bob climbing "Sea Link" (10m VDiff *):

Bob on the final section of "Sea Link":

Bob preparing to be lowered off:

Bob being lowered off:

Bob, happy to be "Stayin' alive":

Kasia preparing to climb "Sea Link" (10m VDiff *):

Ready to climb:

Kasia on initial section of "Sea Link":

Kasia at top of "Sea Link":

Kasia being lowered off:

Malcolm ascending "Sea Link" (10m VDiff *):

Malcolm ascending "Sea Link" (10m VDiff *):

Malcolm being lowered off:

Bob re-ascending "Sea Link":

Andy belaying and watching Bob:

Belaying from the ledge:

Bob ascending "Sea Link":


Andy and Bob:

Kasia, a bit off-route climbing an eliminate to the left of "Bladder Wrack" (Looks tough perhaps Very Severe!!!!):

Kasia succeeds up the eliminate and gets back en-route to "Bladder Wrack" (10m Severe 4b):

Malcolm then climbed "Sea Urchin" (10m Hard Severe 4b) - unfortunately no photo.

Malcolm, Bob and Kasia then took turns to undertake an abseil (without a safety rope, but backed up with a prussic loop).

Bob commencing abseil:

Bob abseiling:

Kasia leaning back, about to abseil:

Kasia abseiling:

We were then lucky enough to see several dolphins. Unfortunately, by the time I got the camera out they were just about past.

Spot the Dolphin:

Dolphin (zoomed):

After lunch, Andy soloed "Mousehole" (5m Severe 4b).
Andy then demonstrated belaying as well as how to ascend a rope using two prussic loops, as 'ascenders'.

Hopefully an enjoyable day out which was cut a wee bit short as it started raining.
Ice cream in Cullen was also very enjoyable.