Hill: Ben Tianavaig
Date: Tuesday 4th May 2010
Company: Myself, Malcolm, Bob

We ascended the Graham Ben Aslak in the morning but it was misty throughout so no photos. Thankfully the mist lifted a little for the afternoon. We parked at Camastianavaig where there is room for several cars. From the hamlet we followed a grassy lane, between houses, to gain access to the hillside.

Ben Tianavaig:

Ben Tianavaig (zoomed):

During the ascent we followed a grassy line, above a dry-stane dyke, until reaching the SSE ridge.

Approaching cliff-side ridge of Ben Tianavaig:

Misty view South:

We then followed the SSE ridge of the hill, which has a serious drop to the East.

Eastern flank of Ben Tianavaig:

Much of the ascent was up nice short grass, probably kept short by the abundance of rabbits, which are burrowing into and eroding the hill.

Rabbit burrows:

Bob en-route to summit:

View East:

We reached the summit 50 minutes after setting off.

Approaching summit trig point:

Bob having a rest:

The view down towards Portree was disappointingly misty as were views towards Trotternish.


View South from summit:

This is a great wee hill, that would likely have outstanding views on a good clear day.