Hills: Uisgneabhal Mor, Teileasbhal and Stulabhal
Date: 9th May 2010
Company: Myself, Chris, Malcolm (also Kevin for Uisgneabhal Mor)
Author: Chris Gamble

Two days after our fantastic double Graham walk, we decided to head up our remaining Harris Graham, Uisgneabhal Mor. Andy had also eyed up a possible extension to the walk, taking us over the Marilyn Stulabhal. Here is our approximate route:

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

We parked at the head of Loch Mhiabhaig, and started climbing straight away, heading up onto Uisgneabhal Mor's broad south ridge.

Looking up Gleann Mhiabhaig:

The forecast wasn't spectacular, and so when it started raining early on, it seemed as if luck wouldn't be with us that day. However, the shower soon passed, the cloud lifted, and it stayed dry and bright until well into the afternoon.

Malcolm, Andy and Kevin ascending Uisgneabhal Mor's south ridge, with South Harris and Taransay behind:

Malcolm under a brightening sky:

Andy, with the sands of Losgaintir Bay sparkling behind in the distance:

The view back south was just stunning:

Andy celebrating at Uisgneabhal Mor's airy summit:

An Cliseam and Loch a' Sgail from Uisgneabhal Mor's summit:

Looking towards Oireabhal and Ulabhal, with Tiorga Mor in-between:

Zoomed view of Oireabhal, Tiorga Mor and Ulabhal:

Given that the weather was now looking great, Andy, Malcolm and I decided to press on towards Stulabhal. Kevin wasn't as keen, so dropped into Gleann Mhiabhaig from the bealach before Teileasbhal, heading around Sron Scourst then south back to his car. For the remaining three of us though, our route took us up Teileasbhal, before gradually dropping northwards towards Stulabhal.

An Cliseam from Teileasbhal's summit:

The descent and reascent to reach Teileasbhal was steeper and rockier than we expected, though the going from here became much easier until reaching Stulabhal. While Teileasbhal isn't prominent enough to be a Graham, it does achieve HuMP status, for those into that sort of thing.

Looking back to Uisgneabhal Mor:

Malcolm and Andy on the lookout for sandwiches, with Stulabhal behind:

Approaching Stulabhal:

The last little drop to reach the Stulabhal bealach was quite steep, with the easiest route keeping right, rather than descending directly. The ascent up Stulabhal was similarly steep, but compensated for with spectacular views.

Creag Stulabhal, Ulabhal and Loch Stuladail:

An Cliseam:

Stulabhal is only 30 metres short of being a Graham, and so it provides some wonderfully extensive views. The view of Loch Langabhat, the island's largest freshwater loch, was particularly special. To reach Gleann Mhiabhaig from Stulabhal, we headed westwards down the Creag Chleistir ridge. Andy and Malcolm dropped left of the ridge, for a rather moist descent. I took the direct option, for a rather steep and rocky descent.

Loch Langabhat from Stulabhal's summit:

Looking down the Creag Chleistir ridge:

A good path led us around Sron Ard from the bottom of the ridge, and down into Gleann Mhiabhaig. From here, reaching the car was just a simple case of following a landrover track back to the start. However, this was anything but a dull plod, as the views were quite astonishing.

Sron Ard and Sron Scourst:

Uisgneabhal Mor and Sron Scourst above Lochan an Fheoir:

Uisgneabhal Mor and Sron Scourst:

Zoomed view of Sron Scourst:

Uisgneabhal Mor and Sron Scourst:

Sron Scourst is really something, and definitely one of the most dramatic sights I've ever seen. A couple of showers nearer the car didn't diminish the day one bit. It had been another excellent walk during what was a superb holiday on Harris.