Hills: An Dun and Maol Creag an Loch
Date: Tuesday 18th May 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn
Dog friendly: Yes
Time: 7Hrs 20Mins

Last-minute decision today to head up a hill. After quickly throwing a few things in a rucksack, I set off to Dalnacardoch, with the intention of ascending An Dun and Maol Creag an Loch. I had packed 3 litres of water but no food, as I intended stopping en-route to buy sandwiches. On reaching Dalnacardoch, I realised I had forgot to stop for sandwiches. After 7Hrs 20Mins of walking, with no food, I was starving!

There isn't much parking at the start of the track. I parked across the A9 beyond the Trinafour turn-off. At the start of the walk there is a right-of-way sign to “Speyside” via the Gaick. I followed the track through Dalnacardoch Wood and then alongside the Edendon Water.

Dalnacardoch Wood:

Cairn on path, South of Badnambiast:


After an hour of walking, I reached the bridge over the Edendon Water. Beinn was already feeling the heat so I threw a stone into the river to get him in to cool down. Retreivers like retreiving, and they LOVE water!.

Beinn in the Edendon Water:

An Dun and Maol Creag an Loch ahead:

While walking along the path I noticed a common lizard basking in the sun. I lay on the ground right next to it to take photos, hoping it wouldn't bite my nose.

Common Lizard:

Common Lizard:

Possibly the ugliest bridge in Scotland:

Section of road washed away by river:

On reaching Sronphadruig Lodge I swapped my trainers for boots.

Sronphadruig Lodge:

The bothy has a sign on the door, “The bothy is not useable for safety reasons keep out”


From the lodge I continued to follow the path until it crossed the river. At this point I took to the hillside.

Maol Creag an Loch and Loch an Dun:

Edendon Water from lower slopes of An Dun:

The ascent of An Dun was a steep slog. It is well-named “the fort”.

Looking up An Dun:

Steep ascent:

Looking back:

I visited both cairns on An Dun as I wasn't sure which was higher.

Beinn at summit of An Dun:

Loch Bhrodainn and Gaick Pass from An Dun:

Loch Bhrodainn and Gaick Pass (zoom):

After we both had a drink, but no sandwiches, we descended back to the base of An Dun. At the base I crossed a small dam such that I could use the good path on the other side of the river leading back to Sronphadruig Lodge.

Looking back to An Dun from dam:

Before reaching the lodge, I crossed an area of dry peat hags to reach the lower slopes of Maol Creag an Loch. Thankfully the ascent of Maol Creag an Loch was less steep than An Dun.

An Dun from slopes of Maol Creag an Loch:

Wide ridge of Maol Creag an Loch:

An Dun from Maol Creag an Loch:

My first thoughts on reaching the large cairn were that the top beyond looked higher. I checked the map and confirmed this was not the summit.

Large cairn on Maol Creag an Loch:

A few hundred metres further on and I reached the small cairn at the actual summit.

Beinn at summit cairn of Maol Creag an Loch:

Looking back to large cairn from summit cairn:


After another drink, and no sandwiches, I descended back to Sronphadruig Lodge. Was nice to get the boots off and walk back out in trainers.

Doggie-paddle to avoid the ugly bridge:

When the walk out was starting to get tedious, I started looking in pools to see if there was any wildlife. Saw plenty pond skaters and tadpoles and in one puddle there were six newts.


A good day out.