Hill: Beinn Eilideach (via Ullapool Hill)
Date: Wednesday 26th May 2010
Company: Just me
Dog friendly: Yes
Time: 4Hrs 10Mins

Beinn Eilideach can be ascended easily and quickly, from Leckmelm approx 5km from Ullapool. However, on reviewing the map, I noticed that it could also potentially be climbed from Ullapool, via Ullapool Hill. I opted for this route as I was keen to see Ullapool from Ullapool Hill. Note: Ullapool Hill is called Meall Mor on the 1:25000 map.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I started walking from the centre of Ullapool.

Beinn Eilideach from Ullapool:

To get to the start of the Ullapool Hill path, walk along North Road and take a right at the sign for “Ullapool Hill Path”. To get to the summit of Ullapool Hill follow the red way-markers or simply head up.

Follow sign for Ullapool Hill Path:

Start of Ullapool Hill Path:

The path up Ullapool Hill is a good quality path. The path winds its way up through lots of bright yellow broom. There are numerous benches on the way up should you feel the need for a rest.

Ullapool from Viewpoint on Ullapool Hill:

toposcope on Ullapool Hill:

Ullapool's website suggests, “Allow 2 hours to get to the top”. I reached the top in 36 minutes. I wasn't going fast and I stopped to take numerous photos en-route. Perhaps the 2 hours would however be necessary for a particularly slow snail.

Ullapool Hill:

Ullapool Hill is a nice wee hill with great views for the amount of effort required.

Summer Isles:

Beinn Ghobhlach:

Ben More Coigach:

Summit of Ullapool Hill, Beinn Eilideach in distance:

Ullapool from summit of Ullapool Hill (zoomed):

From the summit of Ullapool Hill, I made for Maol Calaisceig. There is no path beyond the top of Ullapool Hill. At the col between Ullapool Hill and Maol Calaisceig there is a 6ft deer fence. This fence is dog-friendly, as there is a small hinged gate at the bottom. The fence is not however people-friendly as there is no stile. You need to either climb the fence or crawl through the hinged gate. I went through the hinged gate.

Dog-friendly deer fence:

Loch Achall:

Beinn Eilideach from Maol Calaisceig:

From Maol Calaisceig, I tried to pick a line that would lose as little height as possible. There are quite a few ups and downs between Maol Calaisceig and Beinn Eilideach and quite a few hags, albeit they were very dry today.

Beinn Eilideach:

Ascending Beinn Eilideach:

Lochans at 480m on Beinn Eilideach:

As more and more height is gained, more and more hills come in to view. Stac Pollaidh, Suilven, ...


Ullapool looked quite small from the summit of Beinn Eilideach. Loch Broom and Ullapool from summit of Beinn Eilideach:

Summit shelter of Beinn Eilideach:

An Teallach from summit of Beinn Eilideach:

I opted to descend towards Leckmelm from the summit. The descent was very easy, down grassy slopes and then via a land-rover track.


I have included the following photo in case anyone wants to know which track to take from Leckmelm to get up through the trees. Once in the field take a left following the "Viewpoint" track. The nearest parking at Leckmelm is a few hundred metres away in lay-bys on the A835 towards Ullapool.

Start of walk (if starting from Leckmelm):

The walk back along the A835 was a bit tedious and hard on the feet.

Ullapool from A835:

Was nice to get back into Ullapool and visit the Ferry Boat Inn to re-hydrate.
Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool: