Hill: Beinn nam Ban
Date: Thursday 27th May 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn
Dog friendly: Yes
Time: 1Hr 30Mins

Nice short hill with great views and plenty of optional scrambling on Torridonian sandstone. Park at 100919, at the sharp turn (highest point) on the road to Badralloch. There are two signs advising “No Parking”, a sign advising CCTV To prevent sheep rustling, and a gate with a track leading down to Altnaharrie Hotel. I chose to ignore the No Parking signs as I couldn't see any other parking close-by and I believe the Altnaharrie Hotel is no longer in business.

Parking (or not):

There is no path so it is just a case of make your way up. The initial section is quite wet underfoot.

Beinn nam Ban from start of walk:

Ullapool from ascent of Beinn nam Ban:

As height is gained there are numerous sandstone outcrops that can be scrambled or avoided via grassy ledges in between.

Plenty of optional scrambling:


Loch Broom:

Looking across to Cnoc a'Bhaid-rallaich and Beinn Ghobhlach:

After about 150m of steep ascent, things start to level out and the summit can be seen just over 0.5km away.

Heading towards summit of Beinn nam Ban:

There is a nice wee lochan just below the summit and lots of red sandstone slabs and tors.

Lochan just below summit:

Braes of Ullapool from summit:


Beinn Mor Coigach capped with overnight snow:

Well worth the effort if you are passing by and have a wee bit of time to spare, if you just fancy some easy scrambling on Torridonian sandstone OR if it is raining all day and it stops for an hour or so