Hills: Meall a’Chleirich (HuMP), Beinn Direach (Graham), Carn an Tionail (Graham)
Date: Saturday 3rd July 2010
Company: Just me

I parked on a verge next to a lay-by near West Merkland – parking currently limited owing to construction of a small hydro scheme. I set off along the glen, last visited when I ascended Ben Hee. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw several of the following signs along the glen.

Health and Safety gone mad – some of the peat must have been at least a foot deep!:

Looking towards Carn an Tionail, Beinn Direach and Meall a’Chleirich:

After passing the hydro works, I carried on along the track until reaching the high point at 266m. I then left the track taking to the hillside. I had originally intended skirting round Meall a’Chleirich but in the end thought it would be just as easy to go over it than round it, after all it is a HuMP.

Meall a’Chleirich:

Looking back along glen towards West Merkland:

The ascent of Meall a’Chleirich was steep but straight-forward. Worth ascending for views across to Ben Hee.

Ben Hee from summit of Meall a’Chleirich:

Beinn Direach from Meall a’Chleirich:

From Meall a’Chleirich, I continued on to Beinn Direach, again an easy ascent.

Lochan na Creige Riabhaich and Ben Hope:

Looking back to Meall a’Chleirich (foreground) and Ben Hee (background):

Summit cairns of Beinn Direach:

From Beinn Direach, I descended steeply towards the col between Beinn Direach and Carn an Tionail.

Looking down to col from Beinn Direach:

Ascent of Carn an Tionail from col:

The view towards Ben Hope and Ben Loyal from the col was nice.

Ben Hope and Ben Loyal from col:

Until this point the weather had been reasonable. As I approached the summit of Carn an Tionail, I literally got soaked in a matter of minutes - gale force winds and driving rain. The rain shower thankfully only lasted a matter of minutes.

Large summit cairn of Carn an Tionail:

A’Ghlaise from Carn an Tionail:

The descent from A’Ghlaise via the South ridge was down gentle grassy slopes.

Meallan Liath Coire Mhic Dhughail from Carn an Tionail:

Looking towards Fionaven:

Looking back to Carn an Tionail:

Ben Hope and Ben Loyal:

On descending, I spotted a bridge over the Allt na Ghlaise which I made for. I crossed the bridge and then returned along the track back out to West Merkland.