Hill: Hill of Fare
Date: Saturday 31st July 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 3 Hours
Dog friendly: Yes

I set off towards Banchory this afternoon to ascend my final Section 21 Marilyn. There are several potential starting points for this hill. I opted to start from Raemoir, following a land-rover track from the start of the walk to just below the summit.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Start of track at NO687993:

About five minutes after setting-off it started to rain. The rain continued for most of the walk.

House near track:

During the walk I could hear gunfire. Following sign warns of “wildlife management”.

Sign at gate in Spy Brae wood:

Just after the gate there is a useful sign about dogs and the Access Code.

Access Code sign:

Hut near track junction:

Given the amount of bracken on this hill, I was glad of the land-rover track up through it.

Bracken jungle:


Bracken jungle:

After clearing the forest, I was a bit surprised at how far I still had to go to reach the summit.

Cairn on track, near 352m top:

Looking towards Hill of Fare:

I only saw two other people during the walk. They were both carrying tupperware containers filled with Blaeberries. The upper slopes of this hill are completely covered in Blaeberries.


Locked hut, near junction to disused quarry:

Grouse butts:

As I approached the summit, I was a bit concerned with very dark clouds just a short distance away. Thankfully the really bad weather bypassed the hill.


The final 50m or so to the summit cairn requires leaving the track. The cairn is not obvious as this area is quite flat with deep heather. GPS was useful to get straight to it. Summit – NJ6818202923.

Beinn bagging the summit cairn:

Clachnaben, Kerloch and Cairn-Mon-Earn were all visible to the South.

Clachnaben (zoomed):


Kerloch (zoomed):

Cairn-Mon-Earn and Durris transmitter (zoomed):


From the summit, I returned to the starting point via the same route.

Distant Westhill:

Beinn on track leading back to 436m top of Hill of Fare:

Quite an enjoyable walk despite the weather.