Hill: Ben Scrien, Eriskay
Date: Monday 16th August 2010
Company: Just me

On Monday 16th August we drove from Lochmaddy to Eriskay, with the intention of undertaking a family ascent of Ben Scrien.

There are several impressive causeways in the Uists. The causeway from South Uist to Eriskay is no exception.

Causeway from South Uist to Eriskay:

The weather was dreich in Lochmaddy when we left and by the time we reached Eriskay it was still dreich .

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

We parked outside the Eriskay Community Hall. Carole and Becky opted out of walking, even Beinn didn't like the look of the rain, so I headed off up the hill on my own .

Eriskay Community Centre:

From the Community Centre I walked up Chapel Road as far as the highpoint on the road - it is possible to drive up to the high-point however there is no parking there.

Statue next to Chapel Road:

Looking back down Chapel Road towards village:

Limited views across to Barra:

A short distance along the road from the statue is a carved wooden map highlighting the view you should get when the clag isn't right down.

Wooden map of nearby islands:

From the high-point of Chapel road, I took to the hillside via wet grassy slopes.
I'm sure this hill would provide spectacular views across to Barra and South Uist on a good day .

I gained height quickly as I ascended into the clag.

During the ascent there are numerous rocky outcrops that would allow for short scrambles/climbs.

Nice rocky outcrops:

The final section of the hill is quite rocky. The rocks can however be avoided.

Rock outcrops, with easy grass by-pass:

Summit trig point in sight:

At the summit, I stopped to take a photo of the toposcope. Unfortunately I saw nothing from the summit.

The actual summit is at the rocks just beyond the trig point.

Trig point and summit rocks:

I descended via the same route and on reaching Chapel Road the clag began to lift. Just my luck.

On returning to the car, I suggested that we walk to a beach that I had seen from the hill. This small beach turned out to be a series of small beaches followed by a longer beach. Despite the tide being in, and the fact it was raining, the visit to the beach was still worthwhile.
The beaches were covered in shells which pleased Becky .

Beinn on the first of several small beaches:

Becky admiring the shells:

The next small beach:

Becky, Carole, Beinn and loads of shells:

Another beach:

Beinn in the water as usual:

Looking towards clag-covered South Uist:

Ferry from Eriskay to Barra: