Hills: Creagan na Beinne and Shee of Ardtalnaig
Date: Saturday 18th September 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 6Hrs
Dog friendly: Yes

The MWIS forecast for today was persistent rain. Not a drop fell.

My main target for today was Creagan na Beinne, if I also got up Shee of Ardtalnaig that would be a bonus! I therefore set off towards Creagan na Beinne first.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I really enjoyed the ascent skirting up the side of Meall nan Oighreag and below Beinn Bhreac. It wasn't long before getting nice views along Loch Tay.

Grassy track not far from Ardtalnaig:

Loch Tay from slopes of Meall nan Oighreag:

Following grassy track:

On looking across to Shee of Ardtalnaig, I could see the track leading down to Claggan, that I would hopefully be descending later in the day.

Shee of Ardtalnaig above Claggan:

Shee of Ardtalnaig:

Creagan na Beinne from path above Coire Cruinneachan:

On reaching the end of the track, I passed through a gate and then crossed an area of peat hags. I descended to the bealach between the 658m top and Creagan na Beinne and then crossed another area of peat hags. Thankfully the hags were mostly dry and easy to walk across.

Creagan na Beinne from bealach between 658m top and summit:

Creagan na Beinne has a large flat summit area. Could be challenging to find the top in mist.

Flat summit area of Creagan na Beinne:

Beinn at summit of Creagan na Beinne:

Sitting about 30m distance away from the summit was a guy in an ATV. He whistled to me and then come over to advise that there was a stalking party on the hill but that he didn't know where they were – could be left, could be right! :roll: I thanked the guy for the advice and advised that I would be sticking to the ridge anyway. I didn't hear any shots being fired throughout the day.

ATV near summit:

From the summit, I descended to Dunan. Looking down towards Dunan:

On reaching Dunan, I had a look round the building. The building is in quite good condition, I assume it is used for stalking.


I considered ascending Shee of Ardtalnaig directly from Dunan but could see several fences that way. I therefore followed the track out towards Ardtalnaig for circa 1.5km before talking the ATV track up the hill.

Shee of Ardtalnaig from Dunan:

Ascent of Shee of Ardtalnaig:

I didn't stay long at the summit of Shee of Ardtalnaig before continuing on along its ridge. I could see lots of peat hags on the ridge. My initial plan was to bypass them on the left, however, they were so dry they were easy and quite pleasant to walk over.

Creagan na Beinne from summit of Shee of Ardtalnaig:

Looking along peat hag ridge of Shee of Ardtalnaig:

Looking back towards summit of Shee of Ardtalnaig:

On approaching the end of the ridge, I descended to hit the track skirting round the hill leading towards Claggan.

Descent track skirting round to Claggan:

From Claggan, I followed the tarmac road back out to Ardtalnaig.

Approaching Claggan:

Really enjoyed today – weather much better than expected.