Hill: Beinn an Lochain
Date: Saturday 16th October 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn

I set off this morning to ascend Beinn an Lochain, my final Section One Corbett. Glad I left it until last as it is a cracking hill.

Beinn an Lochain (taken from Glen Kinglas 3 weeks ago)

I parked in the lay-by round the corner from Butterbridge and followed the path up the North-East ridge of Beinn an Lochain. I set off at the same time as two other walkers. The initial section of the path is quite wet underfoot.

Initial slopes of Beinn an Lochain:

Once the ascent kicked-in, I stepped-up a gear (or two) and soon put a good distance between myself and the other walkers.

Two other walkers:

As I got higher and higher the views got better and better.

Loch Restil, the Brack and Ben Donich:

Was nice to look across to the Brack, Ben Donich and Stob Coire Creagach – all of which I have climbed this year.

The Brack and Ben Donich:

Glen Kinglas:

Looking along ridge of Beinn an Lochain:

On seeing the steep section ahead I wondered, “how the heck will I get Beinn up that?”  

Beinn an Lochain – the steep bit:

The steep bit turned out to be much easier than it looked.
Loch Restil looked very calm - a lake full of sky.

Large drop down towards Loch Restil:

Looking back from above steep bit:

Once past the steep bit, the final ridge towards the summit also looks steep! Again, it was easier than it looks.

The ridge leading to the summit:

Final part of ridge (zoomed):

Balancing rock:

The Cobbler and road towards Arrochar:

Looking back along ridge:

Was great to reach the cairn and stop for a few photos and some water.

Final easy stretch to the summit cairn:

Beinn at summit:

Looking towards Loch Fyne:

The Cobbler (zoomed):

From the top I continued on to next top and then continued along the ridge to the 830m top – just in case it was a Corbett top (it apparently isn't).

Looking back to Beinn an Lochain summit from 830m top:

I then returned to the summit to also descend the North-East ridge. 

Distant Arran:

Distant Jura:

On getting back to the car, I drove to just passed Bridge of Orchy to ascend Meall Mor and Glas Bheinn (two Sub2000 Marilyns).

Hills: Meall Mor and Glas Bheinn
Date: Saturday 16th October 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn

Not much to say about Meall Mor. It has a transmitter near the base and has ok views from the summit.

Meall Mor:

I liked the view looking across Lochan na h-Achlaise.

Lochan na h-Achlaise:

Clach Leathad and Meall a Bhuiridh from summit of Meall Mor:

The views from Glas Bheinn are much nicer than the views from Meall Mor. Easy ascent – follow the fence and then follow an ATV track almost to the summit.

Glas Bheinn:

Clach Leathad and Meall a Bhuiridh and Lochan na h-Achlaise from Glas Bheinn:

Beinn Achaladair:

Beinn Achaladair and Beinn a Dothaidh:

Looking across Rannoch Moor to Nevis range:

Beinn at summit of Glas Bheinn:

Clach Leathad and Meall a Bhuiridh and Lochan na h-Achlaise from summit of Glas Bheinn:

Loch Tulla from summit of Glas Bheinn:

An enjoyable day out. Will definitely be back up Beinn an Lochain as it is a fine hill.