Hill: Craigendarroch
Date: Saturday 30th October 2010
Company: Myself, Carole, Becky and Beinn

I ascended Craigendarroch in March 2010 and thought it was a great wee hill with nice views.
I headed back there today with Becky, Carole and Beinn. (Becky's 11th Marilyn)

We followed the route to the summit, starting from Craigendarroch Walk.

Craigendarroch from Ballater:

We ascended nice and slowly, taking time to look at the trees and leaves (and to play in the leaves ).

Playing in the oak leaves:

Having a seat:

As we approached the summit, Becky needed a wee hand with some of the rock steps.
Apart from that she managed up and down under her own steam.

Summit toposcope:

Beinn and Becky at the summit:

Becky and Carole at large summit cairn:

Ballater from viewpoint:

River Dee from viewpoint:

After a short stop at the summit, we returned to Ballater via the same route.

After a quick visit to the Deeside Confectionery shop, we headed for Keiloch, near Braemar, for an ascent of Meall Alvie.

Hill: Meall Alvie
Date: Saturday 30th October 2010
Company: Just me

I parked in the walker's car park at Keiloch, paying £2.50 for the pleasure – maybe not so bad for a big day out on Ben Avon but quite expensive to ascend a 1 hour sub2000ft Marilyn.

I think walkers really get ripped-off for parking in Deeside/Cairngorms - at least Invercauld Estate claim that all net profits are used for upkeep of paths.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the car park, I took the right-of-way towards Inver, via Felagie.

Meall Alvie from near Felagie:


On reaching Felagie, I set off along the track leading uphill. On reaching the fence, I skirted round it to follow the dry-stane dyke up the hill.
[A bit of advance research, using Google Maps, showed that the dry-stane dyke runs from Felagie to the summit]

Track towards Meall Alvie from Felagie:

I really enjoyed walking through the wood on this hill. Trees are well-spaced apart and mostly nice Scots Pine.

As I ascended, I wondered how long the dyke had been there and who had built it. It looked quite old.

Dry-stane dyke leading to summit:

Looking back towards Felagie:

Following the dyke:

I found the summit cairn with ease and was pleased to get some views from the summit - often tree-clad hills provide no summit views.

Approaching summit cairn:

View towards cloud-capped Ben Avon and Beinn a'Bhuird:

View towards Balmoral:

Looking across to Lochnagar from summit:

From the summit, I returned via the same route back to the car.