Hills: Beinn nan Eun, Beinn Odhar & Uamh Bheag
Date: Saturday 6th November 2010
Company: Just me
Time: 5Hrs 10Mins

I set off today to ascend the three New Donalds, accessible from Glen Artney. First time I have visited this glen.

I parked in the large car park across from the Glen Artney church. A sign advises 'no parking beyond this point'.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I took to the hillside directly across from the car park with a view to undertaking a clockwise circuit of Beinn na Eun, Beinn Odhar and Uamh Bheag.

Glen Artney church (zoomed):

Much of the walk today was pathless - the terrain was mainly long grass on the slopes and peat hags on the ridge.

Looking back towards start:

Mor Bheinn and Beinn Dearg both look fine hills. I look forward to ascending them some time in the future.

Mor Bheinn:

I initially ascended Auchnashelloch hill before crossing the Allt Mor and then ascending Beinn nan Eun.

Looking up Beinn nan Eun from Allt Mor:

Looking across to Uamh Bheag:

View from lower slopes:

Beinn Dearg:

Looking back towards start:

View from Beinn nan Eun:

The final ascent of Beinn nan Eun is over lots of peat hags. It took 1Hr 50Mins to reach the summit.

From the summit of Beinn nan Eun I got good views towards Stirling, Grangemouth and a very close view of a windfarm.

Summit of Beinn nan Eun:


Much of the way from Beinn nan Eun to Beinn Odhar is also across peat hags.

Beinn Odhar and Uamh Bheag from Beinn nan Eun:

Looking back to Beinn nan Eun from Beinn Odhar:

During the traverse of these hills it is possible to get really close to the wind turbines.

Windfarm from cairn on Beinn Odhar:

Uamh Bheag:

Wind turbines:

From the summit of Beinn Odhar, I crossed yet more peat hags and aimed for a fence at the high point between Beinn Odhar and Uamh Bheag.

Fence leading towards summit of Uamh Bheag:

Mega peat hags:

More wind turbines:

During the ascent of Uamh Bheag I passed several cairns.

Cairn on Uamh Bheag:

Another cairn on Uamh Bheag:

Yet another cairn on Uamh Bheag:

Looking back to Beinn Odhar from Uamh Bheag:

The trig point on Umah Bheag isn't at the summit. The summit is a few hundred metres further on.

Trig point on Uamh Bheag:

The wooden face above the summit cairn made me smile.

Summit cairn of Uamh Bheag:

View towards Callander:

From the summit, I descended to Meall Clacach and then on to Am Beannan.

Meall Clachach and Am Beannan from Uamh Bheag:

Looking back to Uamh Bheag from Meall Clachach:

Stuc a'Chroin and Ben Vorlich:

I then descended steeply from Am Beannan.

Descent to Glen Artney:

Meall na Fearna:

I managed to find a small bridge across the Allt Ollach. I then descended to the Water of Ruchill and followed the path alongside the river out to the road.

Descent to Glen Artney:

Looking back at descent from Am Beannan:

Walk out alongside Water of Ruchill:

On reaching the road, I walked a mile back to the car park. Enjoyed these hills, apart from the peat hags .