Hill: Mile Hill
Date: Friday 10th December 2010
Company: Just me
Time: 2Hrs 5Mins
Dog friendly: No, several barbed wire fences

I set off from home at 5am this morning heading for the Angus hills.

The forecast for the East was better than the forecast for the West.

The only parking available for Mile Hill this morning was at the entrance to Ballintore Castle. I didn't have a map with me for this walk so I just made up the route as I went along.

From the entrance to Ballintore castle, I walked a short distance along the road before heading through the farm at Ballintore. I then followed a vehicle track through a field towards Hilton.

Early morning pink skies:

Looking towards Mile Hill:

I passed a standing stone during my walk in.

Standing stone:

I had to climb over two barbed-wire fences to reach the cottages at Hilton.

Hilton cottages:

The downside to not having a map this morning was that I initially thought The Carrach was the summit of Mile Hill. However, on reaching the Carrach and firing-up the GPS, I realised my error .

The Carrach:

From the Carrach, I crossed an area of deep snow to reach Mile Hill.

Mile Hill:

Final ascent of Mile Hill:

It took a bit of searching to find the small pile of rocks that mark the summit of Mile Hill.

Small pile of rocks (summit of Mile Hill):

Nice views from the summit, especially of Loch of Lintrathen and across to Cat Law.

Loch of Lintrathen from summit of Mile Hill:

Cat Law:

Ballintore Castle from Mile Hill (zoomed):

From the summit of Mile Hill, I descended towards the small wood near Gairlaw and then followed the track back towards Hilton.
I left the track a short distance before reaching Hilton to again pass the standing stone and to follow the track back to Ballintore farm.

Looking back to Mile Hill:

I then drove along Glen Prosen for an ascent of Corwharn.

My intention was to ascend Corwharn via the Hill of Strone. There was however no parking available. I therefore drove to an alternative starting point near Wester Lednathie.

Hill: Corwharn
Date: Friday 10th December 2010
Company: Just me
Time: 3Hrs 25Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

Starting point nr. Wester Lednathie (Airlie Tower in distance):

Airlie Tower (zoomed):

From the starting point, I walked along the tarmac track to Wester Lednathie.

Cat Law:

Wester Lednathie:

At Wester Lednathie, I followed the track leading to Glenuig and beyond.


The advantage to starting from Wester Lednathie is that there is a land rover track most of the way to the summit of Corwharn. Was quite lucky today in that a vehicle had driven along much of the track, compacting the snow .

Following the track towards Corwharn:

Looking towards Cairn Corse:

Looking towards summit of Corwharn:

I left the main track below Cairn Corse and then followed the track leading to Cairn Corse. I found the ascent quite hard-going.
From Cairn Corse I made for the summit of Corwharn - this section was quite straight-forward and mostly free of snow.

View from near Cairn Corse:

Cat Law from Corwharn:



Quite an impressive cairn near the summit of Corwharn. I think the top of the cairn is the highest point, however, the base of the cairn isn't the highest ground point. The highest ground point is about 70m away from the cairn.

Looking towards Cat Law from large cairn near summit of Corwharn:

View towards Badandun hill:

Mayar/Dreish from summit of Corwharn (zoomed):

From the summit of Corwharn, I descended via the NE ridge back to the main track. I then followed my tracks back out to the start of the walk. Lots of slushy wet stuff on the hills today, wish I had worn wellies.

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