Hill: Stac na Cathaig
Date: Sunday 12th December 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1Hr 23Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

I ascended Stac na Cathaig this morning - it is a fantastic sub2000ft hill, as are its' neighbours Stac Gorm and Creag nan Clag.
I will definitely be re-ascending these Marilyns.

Stac Gorm across Loch Ruthven from start of walk:

I set off along the forest track – it was nice to walk on gravel instead of snow .

Track through forest towards Stac na Cathaig:

On first seeing Creag Dhearg, I thought it was Creag nan Clag. Both crags look very similar.

Creag Dhearg across Loch a'Choire:

A few hundred metres after passing the second gate, I ascended a firebreak through the forest.

Ascent of firebreak:

The ascent of the firebreak was quite straight-forward. On leaving the firebreak, the summit was just under 500m away.

Stac na Cathaig:

The first cairn is possibly the better viewpoint.

Looking towards summit from first cairn:

Creag Dhearg and Loch a'Choire:

Loch Duntelchaig and Carn a'Bhodaich:

The summit cairn is only 150m away from the first cairn. Beinn looked pleased having ascended his 150th Marilyn .

Beinn at summit of Stac na Cathaig:

Looking back towards first cairn from summit:

I returned to the car via the same route. I then drove a few miles down the B851/B862 to the starting point of Creag a'Chliabhain.

Hill: Creag a'Chliabhain
Date: Sunday 12th December 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 2Hrs 14Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

Limited parking beside wee hut:

The ascent of Creag a'Chliabhain is really straight-forward due to a good track that stops just short of the summit.
I initially walked along the tarmac road leading to Farraline, passing alongside a frozen Loch Mhor.

Frozen Loch Mhor:


On reaching Farraline, I followed the sign to “Farm”. On reaching the farm, I went through the gate and then followed the track heading towards the hill.

Looking towards Creag a'Chliabhain:

Track ascending Creag a'Chliabhain:

I really enjoyed the gradual zig-zag ascent of this hill. It would also be quite easy to head straight-up avoiding the zig-zags.

View across Loch Mhor:

Loch Mhor:

Ascending Creag a'Chliabhain:

There are a handful of Scot's Pine near the col between Meall Donn and Creag a'Chliabhain.

Scot's Pine:

A couple of hundred metres from the summit, we reached a new fence. A drift of considated snow allowed Beinn to easily jump it.

Beinn jumping the fence:

Beinn knows the routine of heading for the summit cairn and waiting for me to catch up.

Beinn at the summit cairn:

Neighbouring Beinn Dubhcharaidh is quite a bit higher than Creag a'Chliabhain. There is however a steep drop between the two hills, so Creag a'Chliabhain is considered a Marilyn. Beinn Dubhcharaidh is a Corbett top of Carn na Saobhaidhe.

Beinn Dubhcharaidh from summit:

We returned to the car via the same route. On reaching the car it was just after lunchtime, so time to squeeze in another hill .

I was aware that the Marilyn Meall an Tarsaid was not too far away. I didn't however know the best route up the hill.
Looking at the map, I opted to drive to the highest point on the road leading to Killin Lodge.
I wouldn't recommend this route unless you don't mind climbing a couple of 6 feet deer fences.

Hill: Meall an Tarsaid
Date: Sunday 12th December 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1Hr 27Mins
Dog friendly: No (6 foot deer fence)

I parked beside a cattle grid and then entered a birch wood via a wooden gate.

Meall an Tarsaid:

We followed a vehicle track for a short distance through the birch wood.

We encountered the deer fence a short distance further on. The deer fence is really new and well-constructed. We followed the fence for its entire length looking for some weakness in the fence to allow Beinn to get over/under. Right at the far end of the fence Beinn was able to get under the fence at a wee burn.

Deer fence:

The ascent was pathless via deep heather.

Ascending Meall an Tarsaid:

View from Meall an Tarsaid:

I wasn't sure which cairn was the highest so I visited them all.

First of four cairns:

Summit cairn:

Cairn (marked on map):

We returned to the car via the same route.

Really enjoyed Stac na Cathaig and Creag a'Chliabhain but can't say that I enjoyed Meall an Tarsaid.
Good hill just not the best route .