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Hill: Drumcroy Hill
Date: Monday 27th December 2010
Company: Just me

The road from Dalnacardoch to Trinafour this morning was 'interesting' .

For an ascent of Drumcroy Hill, I had hoped to park at Trinafour, however due to snow I ended up parking near the start of the road to Tummel Bridge.

The weather from the outset was pretty grim.

I set off across an expanse of snow-covered heather towards an easy way through the trees. (I did a bit of homework with Google Earth )

Drumcroy Hill from start:

Looking back towards car:

I made for the gap in the trees seen in the next photo.

Ascent through deep heather:

On reaching the gap in the trees, I climbed over the small dyke and then made my way through the sparsely-planted trees towards the summit.

Through the trees:

Looking back towards Errochty dam (zoomed):

The walk through the trees was quite pleasant.

Ascent through trees:

Follow the dyke through the trees:

The final 100m or so to the summit was not straight-forward. To reach the summit, I crossed through an area of more densely-planted trees which also had a good number of blown-down trees. It would have been easier to reach the summit via the other side of the dyke.

Difficulties en-route to summit:

The summit cairn is located on the wall, at the wall corner.

Summit cairn on wall:

From the summit, I followed my footsteps in the snow back to the start.

I then drove to the start of Dun Coillich. There is a good car park at the start of this hill.

Hill: Dun Coillich
Date: Monday 27th December 2010
Company: Just me

From the car park, I passed a small hut and some bird feeders before passing through two gates.

Dun Coillich from Dun Coillich Community Group car park:

I then made my way towards the base of the small wood.

Ascent towards trees on Dun Coillich:

I skirted below the wood and then ascended to the right-hand side of it.

Ascent to right of trees:

The ascent was quite steep but not difficult.

Looking back towards car:

Above the trees:

Dun Coillich:

Today was very much a day of black and white. The blood in the snow, in the next photo, was possibly the most colourful sight of the day.

Hare with cut foot?

Looking back:

Summit of Dun Coillich:

After reaching the summit cairn, I returned to the car via the same route.

A good couple of hills despite the weather and lack of views.