Hill: Carn Breugach (Kerrera)
Date: Tuesday 28th December 2010
Company: Just me
Dog friendly: Not via my route (lots of barbed-wire fences)

Snow was still down to ground-level in Tyndrum this morning, so I drove in the direction of Oban hoping there would be less snow out West.
I had no particular hill(s) in mind today.

As I made my way towards Oban, I remembered the Marilyn on the island of Kerrera, however, I wasn't sure if the ferry would be running today. I decided to take the chance and followed the signs for the Kerrera ferry.

I waited for half-an-hour or so and was well-pleased when I saw the ferry make its way across the Sound of Kerrera .

Kerrera and Carn Breugach from jetty near Gallanachbeg:

Kerrera ferry:

It only took the Kerrera ferry about 5 minutes to cross the Sound of Kerrera.

Sound of Kerrera from Kerrera ferry:

I had no map with me today, so it was just a case of make up a route as I went along.

I followed the road/track from the jetty towards Balliemore farm.

Kerrera Church:

Near Balliemore farm was a brightly-painted trailer. Possibly the brightest landmark on the island .

Kerrera Collectables?:

After passing Balliemore farm, I continued along the track until I was at the high-point of the track. I then took to the hillside towards the summit.

Looking back towards Slaterich:

Looking along Kerrera towards Oban:

I initially ascended the 175m top before ascending the main top.

Carn Breugach:

Distant trig point on Carn Breugach:

Approaching summit of Carn Breugach:

The views today were not bad considering the amount of cloud. I think this would be a wonderful viewpoint on a nice clear day.

Summit cairn (Mull in background):

Sound of Kerrera from summit of Carn Breugach:

Oban from summit of Carn Breugach:

Looking across Sound of Kerrera towards castle (zoomed):

Duart Point and Duart Castle on Mull (zoomed):

Oban (zoomed):

From the summit, I took a more direct route back heading directly towards Balliemore farm. On reaching the farm, I then took the road/track back to the jetty.

I really enjoyed the ascent of this hill but was glad I didn't have Beinn with me today. I think I climbed at least 6 barbed-wire fences.

I figured I had enough time to ascend another wee Sub2000 Marilyn before dark. Unfortunately, I don't know the Oban area that well and I hadn't looked into other Sub2000ft Marilyns in the area. I therefore made my way North towards Duror for an ascent of Ardsheal Hill.

Hill: Ardsheal Hill
Date: Tuesday 28th December 2010
Company: Just me
Dog friendly: Yes

I parked in the very large car park at the Community Hall in Duror. I then followed the track up the hill towards the summit.
Nice easy ascent .

Ardsheal hill:

Looking across to Beinn a'Bheither:

Ascending Ardsheal hill:

There is a transmitter just below the summit.

At the summit I was surprised to meet a friendly couple with a dog. After explaining what Marilyns are, we parted company .

View down Loch Linnhe:

View towards Sallachan Point and Ardgour:

Trig point on Ardsheal hill:

Fraocaidh from Ardsheal hill:

At the summit I spent some time checking out the Corbett Fraochaidh. Looks like there are several potential ways up through the trees. I think I might now ascend Fraochaidh from Duror.

I returned to the car via the same route.