Coast: Cullen
Date: 2nd January 2011
Company: Myself, Becky and Beinn
Distance: c. 3 miles
Time: 1Hr 50Mins

Myself, Becky and Beinn went for a wee stroll today along a local stretch of coast. We started at the small car park beside the caravan park and walked as far as the Cullen Sands before walking back.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the car park, we set off along the path towards Logiehead, however on reaching Muckle Hythe we took a left to walk along the shore towards Cullen Harbour.

Becky at Muckle Hythe:

Walking towards Cullen Harbour:

Canty rocks:

Despite living nearby, I wasn’t aware that there was a pet cemetery located here.

Pet cemetery:

From the pet cemetery we continued on to the harbour and then to the viaduct.

Seatown and viaduct:

Cullen Harbour:


The following sign mentions the local delicacy Cullen Skink which is really good soup – recipe here.

Cullen sign:

Becky below viaduct:

From the viaduct we continued onto the Three Kings.

Three Kings:

Becky was still smiling despite it being high tide.

Cullen Sands at High Tide:

Looking back to Three Kings and Cullen:

We then walked along a path between the golf course and Cullen Sands. On reaching a couple of large mounds of conglomerate, we opted to head back.

Conglomerate mounds:

Mound on golf course:

On the way back we stopped briefly at one of the Kings.

Becky and Beinn below one of the Three Kings:

On reaching the harbour we took a higher path back to get some views along the coast.

Cullen Harbour:

Bin of Cullen above Seatown:

Bin of Cullen is a good walk with good views.

Lots more info about Local Walks and more on the Discover Cullen website.