A hill report from Becky >

Hill: Hill of Tillymorgan
Date: 4th January 2011
Company: Myself, Daddy and Beinn
Time: 2Hrs 15Mins

On Sunday, I went for a walk with Daddy at Cullen.
Yesterday, we went to Loch of Strathbeg.
Today, I asked if we could go up a hill.

Daddy took me up this hill: Hill of Tillymorgan.

Old manse:

The naughty doggie in this photo followed us half-way up the hill and it was jumping on me.
This bit was slidy. On the way back, I slid down here on my bum .

Ready to go up the hill:

Beinn was excited and was a pain in the butt (so Daddy said) .

Me and Beinn:

I liked splashing in the mud.

Muddy wellies:

Wait till I sort my gloves:

I saw a big mast on the hill.

A new mast and Bennachie:


Daddy lifted me over the fence and helped Beinn under the fence.

Nearly at the top:

I really liked the big pile of stones. I took one home for my ‘show and tell’ at nursery.

Lots of slate:

I was happy to reach the top .

My 12th Marilyn:

I like windmills .


I could see my 10th hill. Hill of Foudland:

Today was fun .