Hill: Stob Dubh
Date: Friday 21st January 2011
Company: Just me
Time: 3Hrs 30Mins

Compared with the lovely blue skies and temperature inversions of yesterday, today was disappointing.

I parked in the small car park opposite the track leading to Coileitir where there is room for several cars. I then followed the track towards Coileitir, crossing the bridge over the River Etive. Near the bridge were a couple of brave stags which just stood and looked at me walking past without running off.

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River Etive from bridge near Coileitir:

Brave stag:

At the path junction, I took the left path leading to Glenceitlin.

Stob Dubh capped in cloud:

After passing the Glenceitlin cottage, I took to the slopes of Stob Dubh.

As I ascended, I recalled one of my friends telling me how he thought Stob Dubh was the steepest of all the Corbetts.
As I made my way up the lower slopes, I thought it wasn't too bad .

Looking towards Beinn Trilleachan from lower slopes of Stob Dubh:

However, after the first hundred metres or so, I found the rest to be brutally steep!
850m ascent in 2km, according to Corbett guidebook .

The ascent:

Steep most of the way:

Glen Etive towards Loch Etive:

Lochan Urr and Creag na Caillich of Beinn Maol Chaluim:

Looking back:

On reaching the crags, I bypassed the first one on the left and the second one of the right.
The grass today was wet with slushy/icy bits. Despite the ascent being mostly grass, I was anxiously aware that a slip could have serious consequences. I wasn't too comfortable with the ascent, especially skirting the second crag in the low cloud.

Approaching the crags:

I was a bit relieved on reaching 700m as the ground became much less steep. I couldn't see much in the low cloud but didn't bother with the map or compass. I just headed up. The snow was really soft so there was no need for crampons.

Into the cloud, above the snow line:

It didn't take too long to reach the summit cairn.

Approaching summit:

Summit cairn:

Myself at summit:

At the summit I considered the option of descending via Beinn Ceitlein to Alltchaorunn. However, while this would be less steep it would add a considerable distance - especially the 4-5 mile walk back along the road. I opted to descend back to Glenceitlin.

In the mist, I retraced my footprints in the snow and then carefully skirted round the crags.

A fleeting “view” during the descent:

Looking back towards crags:

Once past the crags it was a relaxing but steep descent.

Looking back at Stob Dubh:

Stob Dubh:

If I were to do Stob Dubh again, I would definitely do it via Beinn Ceitlein .