Hill: Fraochaidh
Date: Friday 4th March 2011
Company: Myself, Malcolm and Beinn
Time: 6Hrs 20Mins

We arrived at Ballachulish at 08:30 this morning after setting off from home at 05:00.
From the outset, the weather and views were disappointing due to low cloud.

We followed the standard SMC Corbett guide route to the summit.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

We parked just down the road from Ballachulish Primary School and then set off walking along the Right of Way towards Duror.

The only hill visible during the walk-in was Sgorr Dhearg of Beinn a'Bheithir.

Sgorr Dhearg, Beinn a'Bheithir:

The most interesting sight during the walk along the track was a pair of mating frogs together with loads of frog spawn. Spring is here .

Mating frogs:

After 3.5km, we reached a large cairn and then crossed the River Laroch. We then ascended slopes of wet grass and heather to reach the col between Sgorr a'Choise and Fraochaidh.

Malcolm at col between Sgorr a'Choise and Fraochaidh:

We then followed the ridge heading towards Fraochaidh.

Looking back along ridge of Fraochaidh:

During the ascent, I thought we had reached the first top, then the second top then the summit.
However on checking the GPS I was surprised to find that we were only actually at the first top .
Amazing how walking in clag can completely throw-off your judgement of distance and height gained .

Looking back along Fraochaidh:

From the actual first top, we continued on to the second top and then the summit - which is marked by a cairn with a number of rusty fence posts. Incredible to reach the summit of a 879m Corbett in early March without having to walk on snow to get there!

Myself and Beinn at summit of Fraochaidh:

Malcolm and Beinn at summit of Fraochaidh:

After a few summit photos and a bite to eat we returned the way we came.

Returning along the ridge:

On reaching the River Laroch, the weather and views began to improve. Nice to get some views during the walk-out.

Beinn in the River Laroch:

Sgorr a'Choise looks a really nice Graham. Now high up my to-do list.

Sgorr a'Choise:


Heading back to Ballachulish:

Sgorr Dhearg, Beinn a'Bheithir:

By the time we reach Ballachulish we even had blue skies.

Sgorr a'Choise:

Found this to be quite a long tiring walk with lots of ups and downs. Disappointing views from what is likely a very good viewpoint in good weather.