Hills: Meall nan Each and Ben Laga (Ardnamurchan)
Date: Saturday 5th March 2011
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 3Hrs 50Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

I drove to Laga near Glenborrodale this morning to ascend a couple of Marilyns – Meall nan Each and Ben Laga.
Most hills were in clag as I headed West however it was quite a nice morning West of Strontian .

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I parked next to the bridge at Laga and followed the good track alongside the burn. At the first gate there was a sign advising of stalking restrictions – thankfully not relevant today.

Stalking information:

The track between Meall nan Each and Ben Laga was surprisingly good.

Ben Laga:

The temperature today was in double figures. It felt like a nice warm Spring day.

The views looking back from the track towards Loch Sunart were really nice. I am looking forward to ascending the Marilyn on the island of Carna in Loch Sunart.

Carna and Loch Sunart:

I decided to head for Meall na Each first. I followed the track as far as its high point a few hundred metres short of Loch Laga.

Looking towards Meall nan Each:

Ben Laga:

The ascent of Meall nan Each reminded me of the ascent of nearby Ben Resipol.

Loch Laga from lower slopes of Meall nan Each:

Looking towards Loch Shiel:

I made my way to the top of Leac an Fhidlier and then onto the summit of Meall nan Each.

Deer on Leac an Fhidhleir:

Lochan between Leac an Fhidlier and Meall nan Each:

Approaching summit cairn and trig point:

The views from the summit were still good despite many of the surrounding hills being covered in clag.

Beinn at summit of Meall nan Each:

The view towards Eigg reminded me of the great day I had ascending Beinn a'Bhaillidh on Eilean Shona just a few weeks previous.

Eigg from summit of Meall nan Each (zoomed):

View from summit:

View from summit:

Ben Laga from Meall nan Each:

Tobermory (zoomed):

Eilean Shona from summit of Meall nan Each:

From the summit, I descended back to the col between Leac an Fhidlier and Meall nan Each and then towards the South end of Loch Laga.

Loch Laga:

Looking back to Meall nan Each from Loch Laga:

After skirting round the end of Loch Laga, I started the ascent of Ben Laga. The ascent from the end of the loch was quite straight-forward.

Ascending Ben Laga:

On reaching the ridge, I headed towards the summit. Unfortunately, the clag was now starting to cover these hills too.

Lochan near summit of Ben Laga:

Approaching summit of Ben Laga:

The views from the summit were quite limited so I didn't hang around for long. I walked a hundred metres or so beyond the summit before turning back to descend back to the end of Loch Laga.

Limited view from summit of Ben Laga:

Carna and Loch Sunart from just beyond summit of Ben Laga:

From the end of Loch Laga, I made my way back towards the good track.

Anytime Beinn disappears he can normally be found in water. Today was no different .

Beinn in a burn:

This was my first visit to Ardnamurchan. I am looking forward to heading back there to ascend the Marilyns in West Ardnamurchan.