I had to visit Livingston yesterday/today on business.
I managed to squeeze in a wee Marilyn on the way there and another on the way back.

Click here to see a map of the routes undertaken

Hill: Lendrick Hill
Date: Wednesday 16th March 2011
Company: Just myself
Time: 1Hr 10Mins
Dog friendly: Yes, apart from 2ft fence not far from summit

For the ascent of Lendrick Hill, I followed the good wide track up through Lendrick forest.
A slightly shorter route would be to ascend directly from the roadside a few hundred metres further South, however, there is no parking further South and the hillside there is covered in bracken.

The ascent through the forest was really pleasant. A nice warm sunny day with plenty of birdsong in the air.

Lendrick forest from start of track:

Track through Lendrick forest:


Ascent track:

During the ascent through the forest, I passed what looked like a good firebreak leading up through the trees. I decided to ignore it in favour of continuing along the good track to get me as high as possible. I did use this firebreak in descent.

On reaching the highest point of the track, which is marked by a cairn, I then made my way through a narrow gap in the trees.
The next photo has come out much brighter than it actually was.

Narrow gap through trees from track high-point:

As I approached the end of the trees, I stopped to take a photo of some beams of sunlight.

Beams of sunlight:

Once out of the forest it didn't take long to reach the summit of Lendrick hill, which is marked by a cairn.

Lendrick hill:

Looking towards trig point from summit cairn:

After a quick visit to the trig point, I returned to the edge of the forest but opted to descend the good firebreak instead.

Descent firebreak:

Looking back up the firebreak:

Once out of the firebreak, I followed the good track back to the car.

Hill: Dumglow
Date: Thursday 17th March 2011
Company: Just myself
Time: 1Hr 45Mins
Dog friendly: No, several barbed-wire fences

I wasn't sure how to ascend Dumglow having not seen any previous reports.
I opted to start from the track leading towards Loch Glow. This turned out to be quite a nice enjoyable walk, albeit a bit wet underfoot in places.

The track leading towards Loch Glow was not that interesting. I was however pleasantly surprised on reaching Loch Glow and seeing Dumglow.

Start of track leading to Loch Glow:

Track leading to Loch Glow:

There is a small car park beside Loch Glow that had quite a number of cars in it and a couple of caravans.
Loch Glow seems to be quite a popular venue for anglers. There were at least a dozen anglers round the loch today.

Dumglow and 336m top across Loch Glow:

I said hello as I passed each of the anglers and did get a couple of friendly replies, however most just ignored me.
The litter, beer cans and bottles to be found around the loch was pretty bad.
I am glad most hillwalkers don't treat the countryside in this way.

On the way out I spoke to one of the anglers asking if what he had caught was brown trout or rainbow trout. He just blurted out "Trout".
After that I felt like saying, "Are ye sure they're nae haddock! "



Was nice to get past the anglers and instead meet two nice swans.

Mute Swans:

Mute Swan:

After skirting Loch Glow, I followed a large dry-stane dyke towards Black Loch. I then ascended Dumglow just to the right of the fence. The ascent was really steep but short-lived; only about five minutes to get up the slope.

Steep ascent alongside the fence:

Loch Glow from steep hillside:

The views from the summit were quite impressive. Was nice to see and recognise a number of recently-ascended Marilyns.

Forth bridges (zoomed):

Looking across to West Lomond, Bishop Hill and Benarty hill:

Bass Rock and North Berwick Law (zoomed):

View from summit of Dumglow:

After spending five minutes or so at the summit, I returned to the car via the same route.