Hill: Meall nan Eagan
Date: Saturday 19th March 2011
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 2Hrs 55Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

I set off from home this morning to ascend Meall nan Eagan near Dalwhinnie.

I think this morning was the first time the increasing cost of fuel really hit home in that I put in £90 of diesel and the tank was still just below full . This got me thinking en-route to the hill about getting to the hills in the future - I think I am going to stop driving long distances for day walks. Getting several days walking per trip will be one of my aims. I also hope to start attending more Club walks using organised transport (starting tomorrow) and do more car-sharing with friends.

Thankfully, Meall nan Eagan wasn’t too far from home. I arrived at the starting point approximately 1Hr 45Mins after setting off.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I parked at the entrance to the quarry opposite the start of the Right of Way to Feagour (room for one or two cars). I then walked along the tarmac track towards Allt an t-Sluic lodge.

Looking towards The Fara from the start of the Right of Way to Feagour:

On reaching the lodge, I took the low track to skirt round it.

Approaching Allt an t-Sluic Lodge:

I walked as far as a 4x4 turning area and then at the marker post, ascended onto a higher track. I took a photo of a bird here and had to ID it at home – Snow Bunting.

Snow bunting:

Marker post advising to ascend here to reach the upper track:

I then followed the upper track for several hundred metres until it descended back down to the Allt an t-Sluic.

Looking along the Allt an t-Sluic:


I continued to follow the track alongside the Allt an t-Sluic, crossing the burn several times along the way.

View towards Creag nan Adhaircean, 589m top and Meall nan Eagan:

Beinn having fun in the snow:

View towards Creag nan Adhaircean, 589m top and Meall nan Eagan:

I left the track to reach the col between Carn na Ceardaich and Meall nan Eagan. On reaching the col, I spotted a large number of deer.


Meall nan Eagan:

Large herd of deer:

Deer in front of Creag Doire na h-Achlaise:

The start of the wide ridge onto Meall nan Eagan has quite a number of large glacial erratics on it.

Creag Doire na h-Achlaise and Loch Caoldair:

The ascent was quite straight-forward – just a walk.

Ascending Meall nan Eagan:

Beinn catching up with me:

As I went along I was quite content – nice walk, nice views, lots of deer, …

Looking back along Allt an t-Sluic from Meall nan Eagan:

View North:

The final ascent was a bit steeper but again not difficult.

Final ascent of Meall nan Eagan:

I was pleased to get good views across to Dirc Mhor from the summit.

Looking towards Dirc Mhor from summit of Meall nan Eagan:

Dirc Mhor (zoomed):

After giving Beinn some food at the summit, we returned to the car via the same route.

On the way back Beinn was quite content to use the burn as a path!

Beinn in a burn (again):

Beinn was quite stubborn today refusing to come out of the water! Daft Mutt

Beinn being stubborn >>>

A really enjoyable sub three-hour walk .