Hills: Sgorr na Diollaid and Carn Gorm
Date: Sunday 20th March 2011
Company: Myself, John and Bob
Distance: 15km
Time: 7Hrs 30Mins

On Sunday morning I set off on a Bus Meet to Mullardoch with the Moray Mountaineering Club. I had a really great day out - nice to find such a friendly active Club .

After a couple of hours on the bus, myself, John and Bob got dropped-off at Muchrachd. The bus then continued on to park near the Mullardoch dam.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

After passing some cattle at Muchrachd, we took to the lower slopes of Sgorr na Diollaid.

Cattle at Muchrachd:

The terrain was very much a mix of patches of heather and patches of soft snow.

Bob and John ascending lower slopes of Sgorr na Diollaid:

Carn Gorm, our second intended hill, looked quite a long way off.

A distant Carn Gorm from Sgorr na Diollaid:

Looking along Glen Cannich towards Toll Creagach:

Having ascended Sgorr na Diollaid last year in clag, it was a bit disappointing that again we encountered some clag as we approached and reached the summit.

Summit of Sgorr na Diollaid comes into view:

The ascent to the summit this year was quite a bit easier than my ascent last year.

Summit of Sgorr na Diollaid 2011:

Summit of Sgorr na Diollaid 2010:

After a bite to eat, we started the long two and a half hour walk between Sgorr na Diollaid and Carn Gorm.

Descent from summit of Sgorr na Diollaid:

Looking back to Sgorr na Diollaid:

Looking towards Glen Affric hills:

Looking back to now distant Sgorr na Diollaid:

Was really pleased that the weather and views improved as the day continued.

Improving views along Glen Cannich:

Next, we ascended Sgorr na Ruadhraich before descending towards the col between Sgorr na Ruadhraich and Carn Gorm, near Loch Coir’ an Uillt Ghiubhais.

Approaching ascent of Sgorr na Ruadhraich:

Looking back to Sgorr na Ruadhraich:

Sgorr na Diollaid now looked a long way off .

Distant summit of Sgorr na Diollaid from Carn Gorm:

John and Bob ascending Carn Gorm:

The views from Carn Gorm were terrific .

View from Carn Gorm:

View from Carn Gorm:

Looking towards Sgorr na Diollaid from summit of Carn Gorm:

After another bite to eat we took a bearing and descended towards Invercannich.

The descent was really wet underfoot.

Was impressed with the Allt Coillte waterfalls, raging with all the snow-melt. These falls aren’t even marked on the map!

Allt Coillte waterfall:

Allt Coillte waterfall:

Allt Coillte waterfall:

The final descent towards Invercannich, down grass and flattened-bracken slopes and then through a small birch wood, was pleasant.

Descent to Cannich:

After a few drinks in the Slater Arms, we got picked up by the Bus and then made for home.

Now looking forward to my next Club Bus Meet .
Thanks to John and Bob for their company.