Hills: Ullapool Hill and Carn na Dubh Choille
Date: 1st April 2011
Company: Myself, Bob, Malcolm (and Kasia for Ullapool Hill)

We set off this morning towards Ullapool for a weekend based at the Aultguish Inn.

From about Contin onwards it was chucking it down, really windy and the hills were covered in clag. We abandoned plans A, B, C and carried on to Ullapool for plan D - an ascent of Ullapool Hill .

The weather was much nicer at the coast .

We ascended Ullapool Hill and then continued our walk descending to Loch Achall.

Calmac ferry leaving Ullapool:

Loch Achall from Ullapool Hill:

Bob, Malcolm and Kasia at top of Ullapool hill:

Approaching Loch Achall:

After spending a short time skimming stones into Loch Achall we walked back to Ullapool. We passed an impressive quarry on the walk back.


We then drove back to the Aultguish Inn. Myself, Bob and Malcolm then set out to ascent the Marilyn Carn na Dubh Choille.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Aultguish Inn:

We managed to miss the footpath that is marked on the map. The going was extremely wet underfoot.

Looking back towards Aultguish Inn and Loch Glascarnoch dam:

The hill turned out to be a bit further away than we expected.

Looking towards Carn na Dubh Choille:

Bob and Malcolm heading towards Ford:

Ascent alongside forest:

The views from the summit were quite good, especially across to Ben Wyvis and Little Wyvis.

Ben Wyvis and Little Wyvis from summit of Carn na Dubh Choille:

Looking back towards Loch Glascarnoch from summit of Carn na Dubh Choille:

I think Bob was a bit tired at the summit .

Bob and Malcolm at summit:

We returned back the way we came but found and followed the path for much of the route.