Hill: Millstone Hill
Date: Friday 8th April 2011
Company: Myself, Becky and Beinn
Dog friendly: Yes

Becky twisted my arm this morning to take her up her 14th Marilyn .

I drove to the Donview Car Park for an ascent of Millstone Hill.

This was Becky and Beinn’s first ascent of this hill and my third ascent. We followed the large marker posts signed "Millstone Hill Trail".

Becky at Donview Car Park:

We took our time today stopping to look at the pine cones, watch the ants, listen to the birds, look at the flowers and basically just enjoy the nature as well as the walk.

Becky took her camera on the hill with her today, for the first time .

Photo of Becky taking a photo of myself:

Same-time photo of myself taking a photo of Becky (from Becky’s camera) :

The forest floor today was a blanket of Wood Sorrel - a pleasant change from snow.

Wood sorrel:

The lower section of path has lots of wooden steps, some of them quite high for little 4-year-old legs.
Little Miss Determined managed up them all by herself, with camera still in hand .

Becky climbing the wooden steps:

Above the wooden steps Becky and Beinn posed for the camera.

Becky and Beinn:

There are lots of rock steps above the wooden steps. Becky also managed all of these on her own, with a little bit of guidance about where to place her feet and a bit of hand-holding.

A wee rest at the stone seat was deserved.

Becky and Beinn having a wee rest, about half-way up:

Cairn William:

Above the trees:

River Don:

It didn’t take too long to reach the summit where Becky was looking forward to her crisps and juice.

Becky and Beinn at summit cairn:

Mither Tap, Bennachie (zoomed):

Becky, myself and Beinn at summit cairn:

Becky at summit of Millstone hill:

A bit more hand-holding was needed on the way down but Becky managed the descent fully under her own steam and was still 100% enjoying herself on getting back to the car. After collecting some pine cones we headed for home. A good half-day out.