Hills: Bleabhal, Beinn Dhubh and Sleiteachal Mhor
Date: Friday 29th April 2011
Company: Just myself

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The weather on Friday morning looked pretty-good and it got even better as the day progressed. I set off nice and early to make the most of the day, arriving at the start of my first hill just after 06.30. I parked off the road beside some picnic tables at Sgarasta Mhor.

My original plan for today was to visit Taransay – what better way to escape the Royal Wedding than to be “castaway” on Taransay. However, on contacting the boatman I was advised that the boat doesn't run until 16th May – after the lambing season. I did get some nice views of Taransay instead from the road, hills and beach .

Taransay and Harris hills from start at Sgarasta Mhor:

As I made my way up the hill, I passed a marker post and soon thereafter followed a grass-covered dyke much of the way up the hill.

Marker post near start of Meabhal/Bleabhal:

Follow the grass-covered dyke up the hill:

On reaching the ridge, I was pleased to see the Uists. I could make out North Lee, South Lee and Eaval on North Uist and Beinn Mhor on South Uist.

Looking towards the Uists from Meabhal:

Leverburgh and Uists (zoomed):

On reaching the top of Meabhal, I continued along the ridge to reach the summit of Bleabhal.

Looking towards Bleabhal from Meabhal:

Summit trig point of Bleabhal:

The views from the summit were pretty-good.

Taransay and Harris hills from summit of Bleabhal:

View SE from summit of Bleabhal:

Harris hills:

From the summit, I made my way back towards Meabhal and then descended again via the grass-covered dyke. During the descent, I stopped to take a photo of Ceapabhal – another great wee Marilyn .

Ceapabhal and Scarasta beach from Meabhal:

If Bleabhal was a nice starter, the main course was yet to come. I opted to leave Beinn Dhubh until after Bleabhal in order to reach the summit around about low-tide – turned out to be a good plan.

I drove to the road end at Losgaintir where there is a decent-sized car park.

Beinn Dhubh from start of walk at Losgaintir road-end:

I was a bit envious of two campers, camped just above the beach. What a place to camp!

As I ascended Beinn Dhubh, and the tide went further and further out, the views got better and better.

Traigh Rosamol:

Beinn Dhubh:

Ascending Beinn Dhubh:

Got a good view of Taransay during the ascent – wish I had a sea kayak!

Taransay from Beinn Dhubh:

Luskentyre is a lovely beach. It looks tropical but don't be fooled, the water is baltic.

Luskentyre beach:

The ascent of Beinn Dhubh was fairly steep. After passing a section of boulders, I reached an area with three cairns – all good viewpoints.

Luskentyre beach, Scarasta beach and Ceapabhal from Beinn Dhubh viewpoint cairns:

Was nice to get views across to Tiorga Mor and Oireabhal and Uisgneabhal Mor – three fantastic Grahams.

Tiorga Mor and Oireabhal from Beinn Dhubh:

Sron Scourst and Uisgneabhal Mor from Beinn Dhubh:

An Cliseam looked pretty-good too. I am still debating whether to re-ascend An Cliseam during this trip or continue with Sub2000 Marilyns.

An Cliseam from Beinn Dhubh:

From the viewpoint cairns it didn't take long to reach the summit. I spent some time at the summit soaking-in the views before descending via the same route.

Summit shelter and trig point of Beinn Dhubh:

Myself at summit of Beinn Dhubh:

Luskentyre beach from summit of Beinn Dhubh:

I was pretty full-up with such a good starter and main course but decided to squeeze-in a pudding!

I made my way North from Harris to Lewis for an ascent of Sleiteachal Mhor.

Parking was non-existent at the start – I managed to park at the end of a farm track without blocking the road. As I didn't want to upset the farmer, I did Sleiteachal Mhor at warp speed.

Ascent of Sleiteachal Mhor:

The first two hills today were great. In comparison Sleiteachal Mhor was a disappointment.
If this was the final of Masterchef, the pudding was the disaster.

The ascent was up grass – very wet grass! At one point, the water went in over the top of my gaiters. However, I plodded on and used my GPS to confirm the summit – as there is no summit feature on this hill.

Sleiteachal Mhor:

The views from the summit weren't bad but nowhere near as nice as Harris.

View from summit of Sleiteachal Mhor:

View from summit of Sleiteachal Mhor:

I returned back to the car via the same route.

On returning to Tarbert, I met up with other Club members who had just arrived and I gratefully accepted a lift back to Harris to visit some beaches. We spent the next few hours at Scarasta beach and a beach at Seilebost. I went into the water up to my shins but wasn't brave enough to go in deeper – as the water was freezing cold.

Scarasta beach:

The right idea :

A great day out .