Hill: Ben Aigan
Date: Friday 24th June 2011
Company: Myself, Becky and Beinn
Distance: 5 Miles, Ascent: 300m

I ascended Ben Aigan today with Becky and Beinn. This was my second ascent of this hill.

Ben Aigan was Becky’s 16th Marilyn and her longest walk to date.
She managed the five miles, all under her own steam, and was smiling from start to finish .

We followed the same route that I undertook on my previous ascent – following the “Red” cycle trail and ascending a firebreak to bypass Knock More.

Becky, with Knock Hill in distance:

Ascending towards the mast on Knock More:

Ascending the firebreak short-cut:

The walk was really enjoyable today with exception of pesky black fly.

Becky and Beinn, back on the main trail:

Looking back:

We had a wee laugh at the “Jumps” sign. Becky noticed a number “7” on the back of the sign and therefore jumped in the air seven times .
I don’t need a mountain bike to do “Jumps”:

Above the trees, looking towards the summit of Ben Aigan:

Looking towards home:


Becky was happy to see the trig point as we approached the summit.

Becky approaching the summit trig point:

Becky and Beinn at the summit trig point:

View towards Aberlour:

We returned to the car via the same route.