Hill: Black Law
Date: Sunday 26th June 2011
Company: Just myself
Dog friendly: No

During the past two years I have really enjoyed being able to ascend lots of new close-to-home Sub2000ft Marilyns .
Now, most of my unclimbed Sub2000ft Marilyns are not so close-to-home anymore .

Earlier this week, I added a new HuMPs map to this website.
Now I have lots more unclimbed close-to-home hills – HuMPs (Hundred Metre Prominence Hills) .

I set off today to ascend my closest-to-home HuMP.
This HuMP is so close to home, I set off walking from my house.

From home, I set off along the A97 towards Banff.

Cranna Hill from A97 road to Banff:

After walking just over one kilometre along the road, I arrived at the footpath marked on the OS map. There was no sign whatsoever of the path just lots of high weeds. I therefore decided to continue along the A97 to just beyond Castlebrae.

I stupidly chose to return via this overgrown path and now have legs covered in nettle-rash.

Path marked on map – seriously overgrown!:

On looking at the OS map, this hill gives the appearance of being really easy - it is just a short distance from road to summit. However, the hill is defended by fields full of cattle and beyond the fields lots of gorse.

Ruin at Castlebrae:

To ascend the hill, I entered a field via an open gate and then ascended the edge of the hill taking care not to stand on crops.

Looking back along edge of field towards Ben Rinnes and Knock Hill:

On reaching the top of the field I come to the edge of a large expanse of gorse.


I traversed right around the back of the gorse until eventually reaching a track leading towards the summit. I had to climb a barbed-wire fence en-route.

Traversing round the back of the gorse:

A way through the gorse to the summit:

Was nice to reach the summit of my local HuMP.

Good views of local hills from the summit, most of which I can see from the windows of my house – Bennachie, Hill of Foudland, Morven (nr Ballater), Tap O’Noth, the Buck of Cabrach, Ben Rinnes, Knock Hill and Bin of Cullen.

Summit trig point, looking towards Knock Hill:

Ben Rinnes (zoomed):

Tap O’Noth (zoomed):

Knock Hill (zoomed):

Bennachie (zoomed):

As well as seeing local hills, I could also make out Morven in Caithness.

Morven, Caithness (zoomed):

Twenty or so metres away from the summit provided good views back to Aberchirder (Foggie).


Aberchirder (zoomed) with Morven (nr Ballater), Tap O’Noth and the Buck in background:

I opted to descend towards the overgrown path. I had to climb several barbed-wire fences going this way and had around 25 cattle going a bit nuts at the other side of the fence from me. I wasn’t sure if my ronhills would protect me from the nettles - they didn’t .

I then walked back to my house along the A97.

I have no intention whatsoever of trying to bag all the HuMPs - just a new list to provide some more close-to-home hills.