Hill: Creag na Criche
Date: Sunday 3rd July 2011
Company: Myself and Beinn
Dog friendly: No (locked gate near start)

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

A very quick up an down Creag na Criche today – a really easy Marilyn.
Not much to say for this one – only 40 minutes to reach the summit .

Creag na Criche from ford (minimal water today):

I had to lift Beinn over a locked gate near the start of the track. The gate further up the track wasn’t locked.

Ascending Creag na Criche:

Creag na Criche:

There is a rusty barbed-wire fence to cross but there is a section where the barbed-wire is missing – just below the wee gully.

Looking towards wee gully ascent:

Ascending the wee gully:

Approaching the summit:

Good views from the summit for minimal effort.

Beinn at the summit of Creag na Criche:

View from summit:

View from summit:

View from summit:

Looking back towards start:

A nice on-the-way-home hill (that wasn't on the way home).