Two easy Marilyns ascended yesterday. One above Lairg and one above Golspie/Brora.

Click here to see a map of the routes undertaken

Hill: Meall Dola (nr. Lairg)
Date: Thursday 7th July 2011
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1Hr 20Mins

I parked on a verge near Balcharn, a short-distance from Lairg.

Start of track near Balcharn:

I then followed the track to its end. I didn't bother following the path marked on the map, instead I just followed the fenceposts.

Ascending the track:

Approaching end of track:

The most interesting part of this walk was finding the following moth which I believe is a Garden Tiger Moth.

Garden Tiger Moth:

Garden Tiger Moth:

Following the fence towards first top of Meall Dola:

Looking back to Lairg:

I had to cross the fence a couple of times. Beinn managed to jump it ok.

Following the fence:

Approaching summit of Meall Dola:

Small cairn at summit of Meall Dola:

I didn't spend long at the summit. I returned via the same route.
Not the most interesting of hills!

I then drove from Lairg to Golspie and along Dunrobin Glen as far as the Bridge of Horn, where I parked in a passing-place.

Hill: Ben Horn (nr. Golspie)
Date: Thursday 7th July 2011
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1Hr 45Mins

I followed the good track to its end, just before reaching Loch Horn.

Start of track at Bridge of Horn:

Quite nice views looking back along the track towards Ben Bhraggie and Beinn Lunndaidh.

Looking back along track towards Beinn Lunndaidh:

Looking back towards Ben Bhraggie and Beinn Lunndaidh:

End of the track:

On reaching Loch Horn, I skirted round the end of it and then made my way up Ben Horn.

Loch Horn:

Loch Horn from Ben Horn:

Ascending Ben Horn:

Ascending Ben Horn:

Loch Horn from near the summit of Ben Horn:

According to the Database of British Hills, the cairn is the summit. I wasn't convinced so I walked around the summit area with my GPS checking the heights. The summit cairn and further along the ridge are the same height according to my GPS.

Summit Cairn of Ben Horn:


I returned back to the car via the same route.