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Hill: Meall an Fhithich
Date: Monday 8th August 2011
Company: Just myself
Time: 2Hrs 25Mins

The weather early this morning wasn't great so I decided to go Sub2000ft.
I opted to ascend Meall an Fhithich, a Sub2000ft Marilyn above the Pass of Brander.

I parked at the entrance to Ballimore Farm Estate, where there is room for two cars.

The walk along the road leading to Ballimore was pleasant. I particularly liked Loch Tromlee.

Start of walk, at entrance to Ballimore Farm Estate:

Loch Tromlee:

It didn't take long to reach Ballimore.

Approaching Ballimore:

From Ballimore, I entered a field containing a wind turbine, numerous sheep and cattle. I kept a close eye on the cattle and decided to really speed-up when a large bull stood-up and stared at me.

I had to cross a fence which had lots of bamboo canes attached to it. The bamboo canes made it a bit awkward to climb.

Ascending past the wind turbine:

Looking back to Ballimore and Loch Tromlee:

I really did not enjoy the walk from the fence to the summit. The grass was very long, shin-high most of the way with some sections waist high and above. What made it 10x times worse was the fact that this hill seems to be covered in small water-filled holes which need to be avoided.

It was a bit of a relief to reach the summit which had quite good views across to Ben Cruachan and Loch Awe.

Summit of Meall an Fhithich (6m beyond vertical stone):

View towards Loch Awe from summit:

View towards Loch Tromlee from summit:

View across to Ben Cruachan and Stob Daimh:

Loch Awe:

From the summit, I returned via a similar route.

Loch Tromlee:

For such a wee Marilyn, I was surprised that it took me about 1 Hr longer than I expected.

By the time, I reached the car the weather had improved somewhat so I decided to venture a bit higher to Sub2500ft .

Hill: Beinn na Sroine
Date: Monday 8th August 2011
Company: Just myself
Time: 1Hrs 45Mins

For the ascent of Beinn na Sroine, I parked in a small parking area near the edge of the forest. I then walked along the road for around 100-150m before taking to the hillside. Fern avoidance!

Looking across to Beinn Dubh and Ben Lui:

Not much to say about the ascent other than it was relentlessly steep, up a grassy slope.

Ascent of Beinn na Sroine:

The hillside of Beinn na Sroine was covered in Bog Ashpodel and there were hundreds of Scotch Argus butterflies flying about.

Bog Asphodel:

Steep hillside:

View along Glen Lochy:

Ascent through lots of Bog Asphodel:

Beinn Udlaidh and Beinn Chuirn:

Was nice to see some Devil's bit scabious, a sign that there isn't much of summer remaining.

Devil's bit scabious:

It was a relief to my knees to reach the flat summit area.

Approaching the summit trig point:

I spent 5-10 minutes at the summit before heading across a few hundred metres to the NE cairn.

View from summit of Beinn na Sroine:

Remains of mast, near summit of Beinn na Sroine:

Myself at the summit of Beinn na Sroine:

Glen Orchy from NE cairn:

I descended via the same route.

I wiped my legs down numerous times during this walk and did knock of two ascending ticks!
I saw a nice large spider on the ferns too .

Missing Sector Spider on a fern: