A couple of short walks today up two Marilyns located North of Bonar Bridge.

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Hill: Creag a'Ghobhair
Date: Saturday 20th August 2011
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1Hr 30Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

Parking area at start of walk:

To ascend Creag a'Ghobhair, I followed a good track leading to Loch a' Ghobhair.
There are a couple of unlocked gates to go through.

Track leading to Loch a' Ghobhair:

Looking back towards Loch Migdale:

Creag a' Ghobhair:

During the walk along the track, I passed quite a number of new traps. Not sure what they're hoping to catch.

One of numerous traps:

From the track high point, I made my way towards the col between Creag na Faire and Creag a' Ghobhair. A number of short white poles marked my intended route.

Following the white poles up Creag a' Ghobhair:

Looking back towards Creag na Faire and Loch Dubh:

It didn't take long to reach the summit.

Beinn at the summit of Creag a' Ghobhair:

From the summit, the 344m top looked higher so I headed over to it just in case it was higher.

Looking towards 344m top from summit:

From the 344m top, the summit looked higher .

Looking back to summit from the 344m top:

I returned back to the car via the same route.

Loch a' Ghobhair:

I then drove a few miles further North to also ascend Beinn Domhnaill.

Hill: Beinn Domhnaill
Date: Saturday 20th August 2011
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1Hr 55Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

There is a sign at the start of the track advising "No Parking" so I parked about 100m along the road in a passing place.
There were several people fishing at Loch Buidhe today.

Parking in passing place next to Loch Buidhe:

Always good to see a friendly sign at the start of a walk, "Visitors Welcome".

Start of track leading towards Beinn Domhnaill, Loch Beinn Domhnaill and Achvaich:

I followed the track up through the forest for a couple of kilometres; the ascent is nice and gradual.

Track through forest:

I saw a couple of caterpillars on the track.

Caterpillar on track:

As I approached an opening in the forest, I got my first views of Beinn Domhnaill.

Beinn Domhnaill:

Looking back towards Meall Mor:

The ascent of Beinn Domnhaill was easy enough but there were lots of really annoying flies. Roll on Winter .

Ascending Beinn Domhnaill:

View towards Loch Beinn Domhnaill and Dornoch Firth:

On reaching the summit, I opted to continue on to also ascend the 347m top, again just in case it was higher. It is allegedly one metre lower than the summit.

Beinn at the summit of Beinn Domhnaill:

Beinn Lunndaidh/Ben Bhraggie from 347m top:

Ben Bhraggie (zoomed):

Looking back towards summit from 347m top:

Beinn at the 347m top:

From the 347m top we returned to the summit and then back to the car via the same route.

During the return, I spotted a pair of small eyes looking up at me. The mouse froze while I bent down to take a photo of it. As soon as I stood up, the mouse jumped off into the undergrowth.

Wood mouse: